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Fitness Clothing
Fitness Clothing

Fitness clothing

For comfortable fitness classes, it is important not only the training plan, premises, equipment, but also what you do, more precisely, clothing and sports shoes. And here it is important to understand what kind of clothing suits your body type, the chosen type of fitness.

In order for clothes to satisfy all your needs, you need to pay attention to several aspects:

1. Synthetics or natural fabric?

The disadvantages of natural fabrics are that pure cotton, for example, absorbs sweat during training, sticks to the skin, and also the product sheds, stretches on the collar and other parts. And high-tech synthetics stretch, serve for a long time, and bring moisture to the surface. That is, the fabric remains dry. We are talking here about a measure, a support, mixed fabrics with the addition of elastane and polyester. They do not stick to the body, do not wrinkle, resist moths, do not deteriorate from salt and chlorinated water and the sun.

Synthetics or natural fabric?
Synthetics or natural fabric?

What are the advantages of natural fabrics? Natural materials are more comfortable, pleasant to the body. In addition, synthetics, which wick away moisture, sometimes dry out the skin, dermatologists say. It's good for those looking to lose weight. The synthetics are hypoallergenic, they do not irritate the skin under two conditions: high-quality tissue and healthy skin. If there is inflammation on the skin, synthetics can increase them.

2. Loose or tight?

Skin-tight fitness clothing emphasizes the benefits of training. This is elastane - a fiber that stretches up to 8 times. If synthetics don't suit you, there is a compromise option. There is a special cotton tunic and trousers, which are wide on top, but tight shins, however, it is not easy to find such an outfit. If you don’t find it, you can replace the pants with “aladdins”.

Loose or tight?
Loose or tight?

Before buying, be sure to research what kind of clothing suits your chosen type of fitness. Different clothes, shoes, accessories are required for gym classes, yoga, dancing and tai-bo.

3. The color and temperature of the clothes?

In fact, color has a functional meaning. You need to choose clothes of the appropriate color depending on the environment, on the season. So, to absorb heat in cold weather, it is recommended to use darker colors.

Clothing color and temperature
Clothing color and temperature

In summer and on hot days, you should choose light-colored clothing to keep your skin breathable and to avoid heatstroke. Clothing that is not suitable for the weather will only interfere with your productivity. In cold weather, it is recommended to choose clothing that maintains warmth, in hot weather, breathable.

4. With or without clothing?

Fitness club good form rules will certainly not allow you to wear underwear. But even if your classes are held alone with yourself at home, it is still not advised to give up clothes at all. Clothes absorb or wick away sweat, and if you are out of shape, all the toxins that are released with sweat are absorbed back.

With or without clothing
With or without clothing

We talked about the main parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing special fitness clothing. Let us list them again, these are: synthetics or natural fabric, loose or tight, the color and temperature of the clothes, its purpose, to practice with or without clothes. We wish you good luck in this difficult task - building a beautiful body.

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