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Obesity And Its Treatment
Obesity And Its Treatment

Obesity and its treatment

What is obesity? What consequences does it entail?

Obesity is an increased amount of fat in the body that is associated with metabolic disorders. To a greater or lesser extent, the problem of obesity affects half of humanity. And the higher the age, the more common this problem is. So, at a young age (up to 30 years old) obese people are 5-20%, at the age of more than 40 years, only half of the population has perfect weight. This percentage is higher among women than among men.

Obesity carries with it many health problems, such as low life expectancy, cancer, joint problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol. In addition to health problems, being overweight carries psychological and aesthetic problems - fewer job opportunities, social inequality, low self-esteem and depression, etc.

What is obesity
What is obesity

Three main types of obesity

There are more types of obesity, but among all types, there are 3 main types of obesity: mixed (or banana), apple and pear.

1. Obesity of the first degree is called mixed (or banana). It is characterized by an even distribution of excess fat throughout the body.

2. The second degree is of the "apple" type (or male type). In this case, excess fat is usually deposited in the abdomen. This type of obesity is the most dangerous for health, since the work of all internal organs suffers from it.

3. Finally, the third degree is the femoral-gluteal type of the "pear" type (in other words, the female type). With it, the excess is deposited mainly on the hips and buttocks. This entails diseases of the spine, legs, joints.

Obesity types
Obesity types

How to determine your type of obesity

In order to determine the degree of obesity, it is necessary to measure the circumference of your waist slightly above the navel and the circumference of the thighs along the most prominent parts of the buttocks. If the ratio of waist to hip circumference was more than 0.8 for women and 0.9 for men, then you are an "apple", if less than the specified, you are a "pear".

Scientists have come to the conclusion that 90% of obese people have primary obesity, there is not associated with other diseases, only 5% of people obesity is a consequence of problems with the endocrine or nervous systems.

How to determine the type of obesity
How to determine the type of obesity

Obesity reasons

There are many reasons for obesity. The most common and simple is unhealthy diet, and starting from the first year of life. Remember: Overfeeding or excess fat and carbohydrate in your children's food leads to the growth and accumulation of fat cells in them.

Another common cause of obesity is physical inactivity, or decreased physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle. Also obesity develops after some infectious diseases, for example, mumps.

This is why obesity prevention should ideally begin during infancy. Children of the first year of life need to create the right conditions for active wakefulness, it is necessary to provide a balanced diet (monitor the quantity, quality and time of food intake), it is also necessary to organize sufficient physical activity, constant monitoring of the dynamics of body weight and growth.

Compliance with these rules should be carried out not only in kindergartens, but also at home, for which work with parents should be carried out in preschool institutions.

If a child in the first years of life has excess body weight or weight began to grow sharply after an illness, parents should consult an endocrinologist.

Obesity reasons
Obesity reasons

Tips for Fighting Obesity

And for those who decided to start the fight against obesity at home, we will give some useful tips:

1. Reduce the calorie content of your diet by 100-200 kcal. At the same time, try so that your body burns 200-300 kcal more daily than on normal days. Reducing the calorie content of your daily diet will help you limit the use of some foods and increase others. Namely:

limit the use of fast carbohydrates, especially sugar, white flour products, they are easily deposited in fat;

  • limit animal fats by 50 percent. This does not mean that the diet will become fat-free. In the diet, animal fats are replaced by vegetable fats, which are able to activate the process of spending its own fat reserves in the body;
  • create a feeling of fullness, this can be done by increasing the diet of low-calorie, but high-volume foods - fruits, raw vegetables, whole grains.

2. Switch to fractional meals (4 to six times a day), it helps fight hunger. The daily ration with such a diet is divided into six parts, they are eaten at regular intervals.

3. Avoid foods that stimulate the appetite: spices, spices, hot snacks, smoked meats, pickles.

4. Try to adjust the amount of water you drink per day. A person needs 25-30 ml of pure water per 1 kg of weight, depending on climatic conditions. The water should be mostly clean drinking water.

5. Limit the amount of salt consumed per day to five grams.

These were advice to those who are starting the fight against a disease such as obesity at home.

Methods to combat obesity
Methods to combat obesity

At the same time, remember that when treating obesity, reducing the calorie content of the diet must be combined with physical activity and spend an additional 500 kcal per day. And while you may have to cut out some foods during treatment, your diet should be high in protein, fat, and foods that contain fiber. In order to find out the fastest way to fight obesity, it is best to seek advice from a dietitian.

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