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Mistakes In Motivating Weight Loss
Mistakes In Motivating Weight Loss

Mistakes in motivating weight loss

The success of every business is determined by 2 things: motivation and purpose. In gaining harmony, goals play a primary and key role. And here the mistake of many is the struggle with the problem, yes, that's it.

Fighting excess weight leads to excess weight

It is the struggle with excess weight in itself that is a gross mistake of those who are trying to lose weight and who do not succeed.

There is something in common among people trying to lose weight, and who have failed. And there is also something in common among those who have managed to achieve good results in this matter. Those who could not lose weight and failed, fought overweight, overweight, fought with excess body; in the end, fought with themselves.

Those who lost weight strove for lightness, harmony, fit, relief shape of their body. What's the difference, you ask? And the difference is in concentration on the problem, in trying to escape from it, as well as in concentration on the goal and achievement.

Mistakes in motivating weight loss
Mistakes in motivating weight loss

Runaway motivation

The faster you run away from the dog, the faster it catches up with you. The sharper and more intense you start physical activity, the more they cause rejection and rejection sooner or later. The more strict and hungry the diet is, the more weight problems it causes. In the first case, such running away from the problem of extra pounds is the motivation for running away. Long-term sports, strict diets cause more and more indifference, while motivation falls. There is no need to run away from the problem - just look at it more objectively, from the outside.

Fighting extra pounds (motivation to run away):

in the beginning, the strong motivation for losing weight is constantly fading away;

  • you are less and less happy with the results;
  • the rejection of stress and diet is constantly growing.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that the very struggle with excess weight leads again to excess weight, and besides this, to constant stress, sometimes to excessive thinness, when weight loss becomes a mania, an obsession. The person does not accept himself categorically. He does not exist at all in the present moment, he lives in yesterday or tomorrow.

Mistakes in motivating weight loss
Mistakes in motivating weight loss

The motivation that helps to lose weight is striving for harmony, for a healthier and more beautiful body. Our brain is so arranged that focusing on a specific goal, it begins to look for and find options for the implementation and achievement of this goal.

Achievement motivation

How do people get slimmer, you ask? Often this happens only after giving up the fight against fat. If you take food with pleasure and enjoyment, get a real thrill from a chocolate or donut, and do not scold yourself secretly after eating, then this approach is the most effective in losing weight and it will most likely bring results. Weight is inevitably reduced, and the effort required is minimal.

Striving for a slim figure (achievement motivation):

the results increase your motivation;

  • your efforts are minimal;
  • your ultimate weight loss result is reliable.

Motivating yourself to lose weight, determine the shape you want to find. This shape can be some kind of specific relief of the body, waist, curves. Ask yourself the question, what do you want to be? It is very important at this stage to see, imagine and even feel like this today, now.

Mistakes in motivating weight loss
Mistakes in motivating weight loss

Form is what gives you direction, it's a kind of compass that will tell you which way to go. The form will help you choose the most effective weight loss option.

A very important point in motivating weight loss is the goal

Losing weight in order to lose weight in order to see a certain number on the scales is nonsense. If you change yourself, your body, then you really do it for the sake of something, for a specific and desired purpose. Everyone always has such a goal. You just need to think about it carefully.

Each has its own goals. Whatever your goal, weight loss and harmony are reflected in a positive way on all aspects of life: personal life becomes richer, health improves, and efficiency increases. Formulate your goal, put it in a prominent place next to your "form" where you will see it every day.

And further. It is very difficult to start losing weight if you are initially determined to fail, if you think that it is unrealistic to achieve your goal. Believe me, people with completely different overweight can lose weight, you don't need to think that 5, 20 or 50 kg cannot be thrown off. If you doubt that you will be able to come to the final result, it is worth considering various examples of women who have already achieved a new figure. You can find on the Internet weight loss stories of people of almost any weight and age, which will motivate you to lose weight. And their “before” and “after” photos will add a spirit of struggle and self-confidence to you.

Mistakes in motivating weight loss
Mistakes in motivating weight loss

Successful slimness!

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