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Video: Slimming Pilates

Video: Slimming Pilates
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Slimming Pilates
Slimming Pilates

Slimming Pilates

Pilates gymnastics from the very beginning was designed to strengthen the body of people who are not capable of active physical exercise due to illness. Pilates in fitness is referred to as the Mind Body. These trainings provide for a special attitude to the work of muscles, a special approach to their relaxation and tension, control of breathing, as well as complete constant concentration on exercises. Lately, a great many Pilates programs have appeared. They are popular with those who are overweight.

Slimming Pilates
Slimming Pilates

Let's talk now about the types of Pilates. There are three types of training in total. Which option is right for you?

  1. Classes on the floor. These exercises are performed on the floor, usually sitting or lying down.
  2. Classes with special equipment. They are also performed on the floor, using various equipment (Pilates Ring, rubber shock absorbers, dumbbells, balls).
  3. Trainings on simulators. In these trainings, special simulators are used that have a support on which a person is not fixed. That is why during the period of strength training you will have to apply additional effort in order to maintain balance on such an unstable surface. In this case, many small muscles are involved in the work, which are not involved in normal training.

Let's now turn to the benefits of this type of fitness, and also consider what exercises are in it:

increases control over the body;

  • develops flexibility, strength, agility, endurance, speed, coordination;
  • activates your muscles;
  • increases awareness of the physical form of the body;
  • improves the functioning of your internal organs;
  • corrects your posture;
  • improves balance;
  • focuses on rational, correct breathing;
  • relieves tension, relaxes your muscles;
  • teaches how to achieve harmony by getting a healthy body;
  • absolutely no restrictions, including allowed for pregnant women.
  • Slimming Pilates
    Slimming Pilates

    Classic Pilates includes 38 exercises, however, after they were combined with elements of choreography, yoga, strength exercises, there were over 500 of them. There are exercises of varying degrees of difficulty in Pilates, which is why a person does not need to be prepared for classes.

    The author of Pilates exercises first tested the entire set of exercises on himself, while he got rid of asthma and other diseases. Depending on the build, one Pilates lesson can burn from 250 to 380 kcal. And for your muscles, it will do much more than aerobics.

    Who is the class suitable for?

    Pilates is allowed even for those who have had problems with the heart, spine, joints, who cannot afford to do strength exercises. Pilates classes are suitable for those whose excess weight is 20 kilograms or more. There is also Pilates for pregnant women and older people.

    Since Pilates was originally created for the rehabilitation of patients, it has a minimum of contraindications: febrile states of various nature, pronounced pain syndrome, and mental illness.

    In the beginning, with the help of an instructor, a beginner will be able to choose those exercises that he can do at the moment. So, you can gradually get to the level of difficult exercises, if you wish.

    Pilates is a universal system for keeping the body in good shape, which is why regularity is the key to success.

    Slimming Pilates
    Slimming Pilates

    In order to determine the training program, it is best to start practicing on your own, under the video. Thus, you will be able to deal with the execution technique faster, you will not have to draw up a training program yourself. If you have not done this gymnastics before, it is better to start with the beginners program. For example, you can choose programs from the Pilates Institute. There are also good reviews of Mary Winsor's beginner course. Classes should be repeated 3 times a week, replacing training days with rest days, in which add a simple cardio load, at least a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day.

    For those who want to practice weight loss with the help of Pilates, there are the following recommendations, we will describe them briefly.

    1. Start classes with an instructor, the effectiveness of the exercises directly depends on the correctness of their implementation, as well as the pace, on the correctness, timing of breathing during the exercise period. Doing it yourself can lead to less efficiency and even harm yourself.
    2. Pilates is primarily designed to strengthen deep muscles. Exercise can model your figure, which is why it is more effective to lose weight first, then observe the result from the exercise.
    3. The Pilates complex is great for those with back problems. The effect is noticeable if you exercise from 2 to 3 times a week or more, otherwise the sense is only an improvement in well-being, there will not be much reason for the back, to be honest. And ideally it is better - 3 times a week.
    4. In Pilates, all exercises are performed at a slow pace, because it is more difficult to do them this way, and the load is more noticeable.
    5. If you work out a little and quit classes, keep in mind: the acquired form is very quickly lost.

    So, we have figured out who and how it can help Pilates to keep fit. Exercise at home or in the gym with a trainer, and be healthy!

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