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Eating Early In Pregnancy
Eating Early In Pregnancy

Eating early in pregnancy

Eating early in pregnancy
Eating early in pregnancy

More and more often expectant mothers are worried about such a question as weight gain during pregnancy. We assure you that this is natural. There are cases that after the second child, weight is gained even faster, but gynecologists claim that the weight gained fluctuates on average within eleven kilograms and corresponds to the generally accepted standard.

During pregnancy it is very important to “take food” not by quantity, but by quality. It should be helpful. Since the fetus is just beginning to form, it needs large amounts of protein as a building material and the basis of all organs.

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is not recommended to go on diets, it is strictly forbidden to limit yourself to food. You need to eat rationally - at least three times a day. The portions are individual. You need to eat enough so that after a few minutes the feeling of hunger does not appear again. For a long time, you will have to forget about snacks, chips, crackers and other chemicals, all these products can cause various disorders and developmental abnormalities in the baby. If you don't like three meals a day, switch to a different diet, only in this case the serving size should be slightly reduced.

Every day the child grows, which means that his weight increases, so the need for "building material" increases
Every day the child grows, which means that his weight increases, so the need for "building material" increases

Every day the child grows, which means his weight increases, so the need for "building material" increases. You have to watch what you eat. If the necessary complexes of useful substances will not enter your body with food, then their deficiency will soon come. This is due to the fact that the entire necessary biological complex will be removed by the baby's body from the tissues, cells and organs of the mother. Therefore, very soon you may feel unwell. And if you do not change your diet, then this can adversely affect the development of the baby, and even his delay.

During pregnancy, the mother's need for elements such as calcium and iron increases sharply. Calcium is necessary for the normal formation of the baby's skeleton, and iron is included in the blood and prevents diseases such as anemia. Also, calcium is necessary to prevent tooth decay of the expectant mother.

You should make it a rule that the most essential products of a pregnant woman's menu are dairy products, liver, herbs and various cereals. Buckwheat porridge is very rich in iron, and dairy products are very rich in calcium. A fermented milk product such as cottage cheese should be bought not in stores, but on the market - it does not contain dyes, stabilizers, flavor enhancers and preservatives. Avoid pesticides that can be found in fruits. Pesticides are mainly contained in the peel, so vegetables and fruits should be eaten without the peel.

An equally important component of food is folic acid, which is found in large quantities in beans and walnuts. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is essential for the formation of the fetal neural tube. Also try to include fish (high in protein and fat, as well as amino acids, iodine and phosphorus) and seaweed (a source of potassium and iodine) in your food list.

Carbohydrates are needed for normal baby nutrition
Carbohydrates are needed for normal baby nutrition

Carbohydrates are needed for the normal nutrition of the baby. Foods such as vegetables and fruits are rich in these important nutritional components. They are also found in sugar, but you should not eat a lot of sweets and starchy foods - this can lead to rapid weight gain. The daily sugar intake is about fifty grams.

Many pregnant women are constipated. The reason for this may be the enlargement of the uterus and its pressure on the intestines. To prevent this disease, you need to eat grapes and beets, as well as bran bread - they consist of dietary fiber.

Products that are not advised to get carried away are canned food and smoked sausages; eating them will not bring any benefit.

In addition to protein, as a building material, you will also need fats. They have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of pregnant women, the digestive tract and are a source of energy in our body.

Proper nutrition is necessary not only for the health of the expectant mother, but also for the health and development of the baby. You need to think about switching to proper nutrition from the first days of pregnancy in order to avoid depletion of the body and stock up on the necessary mineral and vitamin complex, which is so necessary for the growing body inside you. We hope that you will consider all our wishes. Take care of yourself and your baby.

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