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Video: Lose Weight By The New Year

Video: Lose Weight By The New Year
Video: GET ABS + LOSE WEIGHT IN 15 DAYS | New Year Challenge ~ Emi 2023, March
Lose Weight By The New Year
Lose Weight By The New Year

Lose weight by the New Year

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

What girls do not come up with to improve their figure? A thin wasp waist, lush breasts and appetizing rounded hips are the ultimate dreams of more than one generation of women. The idea of losing weight becomes especially relevant on the eve of big holidays, such as the New Year, when it is planned to invite many guests.

On New Year's Day, children with bated breath are waiting for gifts and write letters to Santa Claus. You also experience similar emotions, but for a completely different reason: still, very soon you will have to appear in evening dress among slender friends, and your body has prepared thoroughly for the winter, and almost any evening dress seems to you (with such and such a figure!) completely inappropriate. And so, looking at yourself in the mirror, you are thinking about how it would be more correct to refuse invitations and spend the holiday at home in your favorite terry robe and slippers. And yet all is not lost! The holiday is not "tomorrow" yet, and you will still have time to try to lose the extra couple of kilograms.

One of the most sophisticated and effective ways to get rid of the hated pounds is to diet. Let's get well prepared for the winter feast, because it is just around the corner.

Any dietitian doctor will tell you that a diet should be not only effective, but at least safe for your health. Therefore, we suggest that you pay attention to the so-called vitamin diet. It is based on the intake of vitamins A, E and C. They are not hard to find in vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers and lettuce. Make a salad with them, seasoning it with vegetable oil rich in vitamin E. With regular consumption of this dish, your waist will shrink and your complexion will improve. You can diversify the salad with a small piece of boiled white meat. It is best to drink mineral water or green tea. It is recommended to drink at least two liters of liquid per day.


The seafood diet is based on seaweed. It must be added to the diet throughout the course of weight loss, 200-250 g per day. In addition to cabbage, eat more green non-starchy vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, bell peppers …), and so that life does not seem dull, add a piece of lean beef, turkey or chicken to your diet.

The fruit diet is probably the tastiest of all. The main components of this food system are kiwi and oranges, which contain a large amount of useful ascorbic acid. This also includes green and sour apples. But with pears, watermelons, bananas and grapes, you need to be careful, since they contain a lot of glucose. Probably not worth talking about how it affects the figure.

You can arrange fasting days for fruits, or even 2-3 days. Allowed fruits can be made into a salad by seasoning it with low fat yogurt. So you will not only lose weight, but also enjoy the process. And what else, besides a good mood and a slim figure, do you need before the New Year holidays?

Grapefruit diet
Grapefruit diet

The grapefruit diet has managed to win the hearts of women, despite its bitterness, which is contained in this fruit. Grapefruit juice helps to burn excess fat, stimulates the liver and has a choleretic effect in the body, which in turn leads to the destruction of body fat. For several days, you should regularly eat grapefruit or drink freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. You can combine this fruit with lean beef or chicken. Protein is best for helping grapefruit perform its fat-breaking function.

Just remember that you cannot sit on such diets for a long time - they are short-term, designed for a certain and short-term. Before using a diet, consult a doctor, perhaps a product is contraindicated for you.

And the last thing, while you have not yet run into the kitchen to throw out "harmful" foods from the refrigerator. Think, can you give up all these culinary delights at the festive table? If not, maybe you shouldn't torture yourself like that, because your beauty does not depend on weight at all!

You can, in addition to the proposed diets, follow a few simple tips that will help normalize proper nutrition before and after the holidays: give up sugar, sweet pastries, sweets and alcohol. There is nothing useful in this list of products, and therefore excluding or significantly limiting them in your diet will be very good not only for losing weight, but also for normal everyday health.

Then you have to forget about salt or at least limit its consumption. Sea salt is very useful. Salt-free diets allow you to lose weight very quickly.

Move more, walk, start doing morning exercises, sign up for the pool. Exercise and proper nutrition are the best diet. And in no case abuse any restrictions: in the pursuit of beauty, do not harm your own health. If you choose a strict diet, then for a short time and only after consulting a doctor!

We wish you health and a beautiful New Year's holidays!

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