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Why People Gain Weight: 5 Reasons
Why People Gain Weight: 5 Reasons

Why people gain weight: 5 reasons

Improper nutrition
Improper nutrition

To combat excess weight, first of all, you need to identify the cause of its occurrence. You can quite clearly define these causes of excess weight:

1. The main and most common cause of excess weight is unhealthy diet

Often, each person has a light snack in the morning, and in the evening after work he eats to the bone and goes to bed. The food is unbalanced. In response, the body stores excess fat.

2. Excess weight is often a consequence of some disease

There are many diseases in which body functions and metabolism are impaired. People are treated with pills, lie down and eat a lot. Due to low mobility, excess weight is gained.

3. Overweight women often appear after pregnancy and childbirth


During pregnancy, a woman eats for two, does not control her food. There is no harm to the baby from this, but on the figure of the mother, such behavior after the birth of the child is reflected in full.

4. The tendency to be overweight is often determined by the somatotype

The tendency to be overweight depends not only on the acquired genes, but also on the type of structure of the human body (somatotype). A tall person with thin bones is less likely to gain excess weight than a squat, heavy-boned person. And it is much easier for him to lose weight accordingly. If at least one of the parents is inclined to be overweight, then a person has every chance of being overweight. Again, some people's bodies burn fat faster than others.


5. The cause of excess weight often lies in various emotions.

After quarrels, conflicts, people are always drawn to food - to seize grief. Someone wants something sweet, someone wants fat. Your favorite food can help relieve stress. And the appetite rises from a good mood. This can be seen in the newlyweds, after the wedding during the year, both usually get fat if they are doing well in family life.

We must always pay attention to what we eat. After all, our body consists of what we eat, drink and breathe.

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