Examples Of Set Goals

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Examples Of Set Goals
Examples Of Set Goals

Video: Examples Of Set Goals

Video: Examples Of Set Goals
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Examples of set goals

Here is an example of set goals that will help boost the morale of “your little army”:

I am so happy and grateful that I am only 13% fat!

  • I'm losing fat and hitting my 14% fat goal by June 1st. I'm just happy that this is happening to me!
  • These stretch jeans fit my thighs so cool by the beginning of November, I look so elegant in them and blush when the men turn around and can't take their eyes off me.
  • My story in a famous fitness magazine. It's called "From Chubby to Fashion Model." My friends cannot believe that it is me in the photographs, and my friends cut off the phone. I get a call from a fitness photographer and assigns a shoot for another magazine next week. I can't go because my schedule is already packed.
  • This swimsuit fits my figure beautifully and the men on the beach just can't take their eyes off me. Their women look at me with envy, wrapping their bodies in a towel. A handsome young man comes up to me and invites me to dine in the open air near the beach in the evening (do not think that these are stupid dreams, because men suit such women).
  • I carry a huge bundle of old clothes that fall off of me and throw it all away. I go to an expensive store in the city center and completely renew my wardrobe. When I come to visit my friends, nobody recognized me from the first time, not even a dog.
  • I love getting up early in the morning, jogging in the fresh air and eating a fresh mouth-watering breakfast, followed by a hot shower, and I feel great all day long.
  • I eat the right food 5 times a day every 3 hours, and this gives me a boost of strength, vitality and burns fat every day.
  • I drink 2-3 liters of fresh, cool clean water, which allows my body to recover and be always ready for exercise.
  • I love to sit in this hot sauna when it's freezing outside. I love to undress in the sauna because everyone always looks at me in amazement and whispers when I leave the sauna.
  • I am constantly improving my body and taking the maximum from my natural abilities.
  • I am proud and grateful for the way I look today.
  • I deserve to eat healthy food and look fit.
  • Fitness and healthy eating are luxuries that I can afford.
  • I love the smell of sports shops, picking out new sportswear, and chatting with friendly salespeople.