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About Liprina And Elance
About Liprina And Elance

About Liprina and Elance

Liprina and Elance
Liprina and Elance

Liprina and Elans appeared on the market almost simultaneously, at the same time they received registration certificates - in 2006. Their compositions are very similar. The main active ingredient is the extract of the cactus Hudia gordoni, known to many. They also contain magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide. Elance also contains gelatin (since these are capsules), Liprina (in tablets) contains chromium picolinate, B vitamins, cellulose.

Liprina is produced by the Italian company Pharmalife Research, which positions itself on the world market as a company that creates drugs to improve people's lives. Deliveries to Russia began 2-3 years ago.

Elance is created by the American corporation Unipharm, Inc. The company calls its mission to take care of a full, high-quality life of people in different parts of the world. The company has been present on the Russian market for a long time, since the beginning of the 90s. She offers a wide variety of dietary supplements. Some are well known to everyone, for example, the Vitrum series. This company works officially, has representative offices in the largest cities of our country.

The fact that Liprina and Elance appeared almost simultaneously suggests that there is a need for similar drugs that would reduce appetite. Some nutritionists are sounding the alarm, warning: diets, especially "hard" ones, are a huge stress for the body, they are more harmful than beneficial. But this does not affect the popularity of drugs. Among those losing weight, this method of losing weight is considered the cheapest. Still, we do not advise you to thoughtlessly follow the example of those who are losing weight by this method; for complacency, it is better to consult a specialist so that there are no consequences.

Of course, not every person is able to cope with the usual appetite. It turns out that people need quality, affordable and safe supplements that can dampen hunger.

In general, a lot and different things are said about these two dietary supplements. They are regularly compared to each other. Some praise Elance and scold Liprina, others - on the contrary. Do not forget that dietary supplements, which are these products, do not undergo any clinical trials. And no one can confirm for sure whether they will help you specifically. But medicines also work differently on people, so the choice is yours.

Whatever the ad says, Elance and Liprina are not literally weight loss aids like fat burners. These are just supplements, which, of course, help to get rid of excessive appetite, but subject to strict rules.

According to the scientists who conducted the study of these dietary supplements, the P-57 molecule, which is in Khudia gordoni, is 10,000 times more active than glucose, the level in the blood of which signals our brain to satiety. Instead of stuffing your stomach, you can take Elance or Liprina, and thereby deceive our hunger center. This is a great help for those who cannot cope with their nighttime meals or reduce the number of snacks.

Still, one should not expect miracles and immediate results from Liprina and Elans. Healthy weight loss is a leisurely process. This is what Liprina and Elance are expected to do.

If you have the time and desire, try these dietary supplements. Or look for a more effective remedy to combat excess weight.

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