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Video: Probiotics And Criteria For Their Selection

Video: Probiotics And Criteria For Their Selection
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Probiotics And Criteria For Their Selection
Probiotics And Criteria For Their Selection

Probiotics and criteria for their selection

The versatility of the beneficial effect of probiotic preparations on the intestinal microflora has long been proven. By limiting the production of inflammatory cytokines, microorganisms entering the gastrointestinal tract normalize the immunological protection of the mucous membrane. They help eliminate inflammatory processes in the intestines, as they show antagonistic activity against bacteria that cause irritation. In addition, these beneficial microorganisms normalize the pH level, help the mucous membrane to recover from infectious diseases, secrete antimicrobial substances, enzymes, vitamins.

Nowadays, in any pharmacy you can buy probiotics advertised on TV and are very popular among consumers. However, is it worth using the same drugs in any case, for any age group? And are they as effective as advertised?

Probiotics and their selection criteria
Probiotics and their selection criteria

What are the manufacturers of most probiotics silent about?

People tend to want an instant positive effect, and marketers understand this, promising in advertisements for probiotics a complete restoration of microflora after a week of use. It is the declared efficiency that justifies the high cost of the drugs. However, any doctor will confirm that complete recovery can be achieved in 3-4 weeks at best.

Often, in today's enteric capsule probiotics, the coating does not have sufficient acid resistance to protect the encapsulated bacteria when passing through the stomach. Microorganisms are released before reaching the small intestine, therefore their initial titer is significantly reduced.

Some probiotic products do not contain nutrients to preserve the viability of bacteria, therefore, by the end of the short shelf life, there are almost no beneficial microflora in them.

Some modern probiotics contain strains of enterococci and other bacteria, which can cause inflammation in a weakened body. If you give this "medicine" to infants for a long time, they may develop laccidemia, allergic reactions.

What are the manufacturers of most probiotics silent about?
What are the manufacturers of most probiotics silent about?

What should be good probiotics?

When buying a drug to restore microflora, it is advisable to pay attention to the following nuances:

First, you need to make sure that the product meets the GMP standard, which attests to its quality and drug efficacy.

  • The natural origin of the genotypically classified bacteria must be noted on the package or in the attached annotation (if this requirement is met and the microorganisms are grown on the basis of healthy donor strains obtained from the gastrointestinal tract).
  • Information about the composition of the shell must be present. Good probiotics come in acid-fast capsules that prevent the stomach environment from releasing beneficial bacteria before entering the small intestine.
  • Preparations cannot be universal: there are varieties for all age groups, to normalize the bacterial environment in the gastrointestinal tract or oral cavity. They differ in the contained strains of microorganisms that correspond to specific tasks.
  • Also, drugs in this class should differ from each other in the form of release, depending on the age category for which they are designed. For children from 4 years old and adults, products in protective capsules are suitable, and infants are given a dissolved powdery preparation.
  • In probiotics, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli must be present.
  • You also need to pay attention to how the product was stored prior to sale. No matter how probiotics are produced, they should only be contained in a refrigerator, otherwise the number of living organisms in capsules decreases very quickly and the medicine may become useless long before the expiration date.
  • What should be good probiotics?
    What should be good probiotics?

    Where and what probiotic preparations are worth buying?

    In every pharmacy you can find many names of probiotics, which, thanks to advertising, are on everyone's lips. Also today there are a large number of sites on which you can order medicines from any region of the country. But not all of them sell truly high-quality and proven probiotics, and even more so they are not always stored in refrigerators. But there are proven resources that offer the highest quality products to buyers. For example, on the website of the Flora M&D company, everyone can buy probiotics of Canadian origin, which are popular in the United States and many European countries.

    These products meet the GMP standard and all the criteria described above. They are available in several versions: for adults, for babies and for children from 4 years old. Flora m & d probiotics are stored at temperatures below 2 ° C, so the loss of beneficial microorganisms does not exceed 2%.

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