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Video: Psychological Motivation For Losing Weight

Video: Psychological Motivation For Losing Weight
Video: The psychological weight loss strategy | Laurie Coots 2023, March
Psychological Motivation For Losing Weight
Psychological Motivation For Losing Weight

Psychological motivation for losing weight

Being overweight is a serious problem. And everyone who is going to lose weight needs an individual approach! The patient must have a complete understanding of the very problem of obesity and its consequences. If a person has already had a bad weight loss experience, it is necessary to analyze the situation and explain the reasons for the failure. It is very important that the patient understands that losing weight is a long process.

With a decrease in weight by 5-10 kg, favorable trends are already observed:

  1. reduction in overall mortality by 20%;
  2. reducing the risk of developing diabetes mellitus by 50%;
  3. reducing the risk of fatal complications from diabetes by 44%;
  4. decrease in mortality from coronary heart disease by 9%;
  5. decrease in symptoms of angina pectoris by 9%;
  6. reduction of mortality from cancer associated with obesity by 40%.

Taking into account all the features of a person's lifestyle helps to draw up an individual nutrition map, where the daily routine and habitual nutrition are entered every minute. It should be remembered that the more drastically it is supposed to change the usual set of foods and diet, the more likely it is that the patient will not comply with this.

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