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Protein In Milk Or Water?
Protein In Milk Or Water?

Protein in milk or water?

Let's say you want to make yourself a protein shake. What is better to choose as a base for a cocktail: milk or water? The answer depends on several points that must be taken into account:

milk increases the total calorie content;

  • milk contributes to a surge in insulin;
  • milk makes the smoothie taste better.

Considering all of the above, let's consider 2 options for the development of events.

Option one. You are on a diet and want to lose weight as soon as possible.

Protein in milk or water?
Protein in milk or water?

In this case, you need to avoid extra calories, insulin surges most of the time, which is why we recommend mixing protein shakes in water. But, nevertheless, there are some periods of time in which the use of milk is not only acceptable, but even, perhaps, desirable.

First, insulin sensitivity is extremely high in the morning, as well as carbohydrate tolerance. That's why a little more calories and insulin won't hurt you early in the day.

The second is the time immediately after training. You need extra calories and carbohydrates post-workout, as well as a surge in insulin to quickly deliver nutrients to your muscles for growth and recovery. That is why, in this situation, mixing a protein shake with milk is perfectly acceptable, even if you are on a diet.

Option two. You strive to gain as much muscle mass as possible as quickly as possible.

Then it is perfectly acceptable for you to mix almost all protein shakes with milk, because it is a great way to add calories to your diet. Believe it or not, so many people, most, find it difficult to actually add calories to their daily diet that are sufficient to increase lean muscle mass. Eating liquid calories is a great way to increase your daily calorie intake without filling your stomach with huge meals.

What else is worth considering?

Protein in milk or water?
Protein in milk or water?

1. Does your protein contain carbohydrates?

In case you are consuming a low-carb protein powder or isolate, then this gives you more freedom in the matter of using milk as a shake base. But if you have a more high-calorie meal replacement, we recommend that you get by with plain clean water.

2. Do you have a protein shake before bed?

This drink is great for avoiding catabolism, while providing the muscles with nutrients overnight. Including, if you use casein protein while you sleep, it will fuel your muscles. But you don't need a powerful surge of insulin at this time, so we advise you to mix the cocktail in water.

3. How tasty is your protein?

Many people use milk to mix protein shakes because the shake tastes awful when mixed with water. Well, it is not at all necessary to increase the calorie content by stimulating the insulin surge in order to enjoy the delicious taste if you have purchased quality protein. A good protein powder tastes good even when mixed with cold water. Try to change the manufacturer, different tastes, consult with your friends, you will definitely find your favorite protein, which tastes the same both in milk and in water.

Protein in milk or water?
Protein in milk or water?

In general, any protein can be prepared in water, for absolutely any purpose of its use, and it does not matter whether you are gaining mass or, conversely, losing your weight. It makes sense to make cocktails on milk if you are gaining weight, you need to try to buy milk with a reduced calorie content, because fat and the devil is useless and even harmful, so you also pay for it to be as small as possible in your protein shake.

Therefore, if preparation of protein in milk suits you, you need to choose milk of 1.5% fat content, and preferably 0.5%. This milk will give you an additional 9 g of protein, up to 15 g of carbohydrates. And with a low-carb diet, the latter circumstance is not at all a plus, this should be remembered.

Experiment! There are people who manage to cook protein with juice, kefir, interfere with other foods for the nutrition of athletes. It can even be added to porridge, in which case it will have more protein. So try it and look for the flavor you like.

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