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Child And Computer
Child And Computer

Child and computer

Child and computer
Child and computer

Parents, remember that preschool children do not need to buy a separate computer. A short time on your PC will be enough for them. There are also computer games for the youngest children in the virtual world. This can be a variety of coloring pages, folding puzzles, etc.

Especially for children who are diligently preparing to go to school with their parents, programs have been developed that help them learn to read and count. But before putting your child at the computer, think that it would be more useful to replace the virtual game with a board game, and teach reading or counting with the help of a book or special objects. Do not follow the erroneous opinion that the computer develops fine motor skills.

A school-age child often asks to buy him a computer. At this age, this purchase has a positive effect on the development of your baby. Experts say that children begin to make independent decisions, learn to quickly switch their attention. But above all, the PC helps to develop creative abilities such as quick learning of foreign languages, drawing and others. Know that at this age it will not be superfluous to teach your child how to find useful information on the Internet.

As for the impact on the health of the child, the main thing is that everything is in moderation. Experts say that short-term work at the computer has a beneficial effect on the development of attention, while immeasurable work impairs concentration. So that it does not harm the health of your baby, you need to set the time spent at the computer. For children who have not reached the age of 6, this is no more than 20 minutes and not every day. For a child of 7 years old - 30-40 minutes a day, and for a child of 9 years old - no more than 1-1.5 hours.

If teenagers devote a lot of time to the computer, then this signals some problems in the family
If teenagers devote a lot of time to the computer, then this signals some problems in the family

they say that our eyes suffer the most from working at a computer. Before seating your child at the PC, set the brightness and contrast that are most optimal for the eyes and organize his workplace correctly and comfortably.

Let's move on to the methodology for the correct organization of the child's workplace. First of all, adjust the lighting so that the rays do not hit the monitor. The computer desk should correspond to the baby's height, his legs should not dangle freely in the air, but should stand on a special stand. It is also necessary to monitor the correct posture of the child. The monitor should be positioned directly in front of your eyes at a distance of at least 70 centimeters. It is recommended to carry out daily wet cleaning in a room with a computer and place an aquarium near it. According to experts, it absorbs harmful radiation.

If the problem arises of how to take the child away from the computer, then this is the cost of the rules you set incorrectly. Many adults are very worried about their health at first, and then they suddenly forget everything and do not notice how their child sits at the computer for hours. If you do not initially announce your requirements, then the student will act as he sees fit. If teenagers devote a lot of time to the computer, then this signals some problems in the family. They go to the virtual world, hiding from the endless screams and scandals of their parents. But if these problems are absent, then in order to tear the child away from the computer, simply switch it to another, more interesting, activity, for example, outdoor games or reading an exciting book. To avoid all the problems mentioned, talk to your child, explainwhy it is impossible to work on a PC for a long time and what are the consequences Remember that the conversation should not have psychological pressure and "horror stories". The main thing is honesty.

We hope that this material helped you to understand the pros and cons of a child's work with a computer. And in the future, he will only develop the knowledge and skills of your child, and not harm health, both psychological and physical.

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