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Video: Calculating Your Ideal Body Weight

Video: Calculating Your Ideal Body Weight
Video: How Much Should I Weigh? Calculate Your Ideal Body Weight 2023, June
Calculating Your Ideal Body Weight
Calculating Your Ideal Body Weight

Calculating your ideal body weight

All those who are losing weight are interested in the question of the norm. What weight is considered normal for yourself? There are a number of formulas that you can use to determine to what extent your body weight corresponds to a particular average value. After all, all these formulas are derived from the calculation exactly for the average person. Therefore, resorting to them, one must clearly realize that any formula of normal weight is conditional.

Genetic features

In reality, each of us has our own individual genetically predetermined value of the optimal body weight, which depends on the totality of innate structural features of the tissues and organs of the body as a whole.

So, for example, there are three types of physique - asthenic (thin-boned / ectomorph), normosthenic (normal / mesomorph) and hypersthenic (broad-boned / endomorph).

Genetic features
Genetic features

To determine your type, you need to measure your wrist circumference.


Less than 16 cm - asthenic;

  • 16-18.5 cm - normosthenic;
  • More than 18.5 cm - hypersthenic.


Less than 17 cm - asthenic;

  • 17-20 cm - normosthenic;
  • More than 20 cm - hypersthenic.

In addition to body types, the body of each of us is programmed for a certain weight. This program is started by the mother during pregnancy. It is believed that if she gained excess weight during pregnancy, then the child in the future may have difficulties with controlling body weight. Throughout life, with our both wrong and right habits, we lay down a different program. During weight loss, many are faced with the so-called balance point or set point, when it is impossible to lose weight using healthy methods, and if it does, then it is not possible to keep it.

For example, you weighed 90 kg, lost up to 55 kg, want to lose another 5 kg, but it doesn't work, no matter what you do. At the same time, even arranging for yourself a break from diet and small holidays, you do not gain more than 3-5 kg, which you then easily lose. Perhaps you have reached your balance point, and it can cost you dearly to overcome it. When the body is under constant stress, and diet, exercise and high demands on oneself are constant stress, the risk of hormonal disorders increases. It is important to listen to yourself and the needs of your body.

Ideal Weight Formulas

If you do not take into account the individuality of the body and physique, then you can use the following simple formulas in approximate calculations (by PP Broca, 1871):

For men

(Height in cm - 100) x 0.9 = ideal weight

For women

(Height in cm - 100) x 0.85 = ideal weight

There is another formula that can be used for both men and women:

(Height in cm - 100) = ideal weight

Example: If your height is 152 cm, your weight should be 152 - 100 = 52 kg.

Calculating the ideal weight
Calculating the ideal weight

There is another formula:

Height in cm x Bust in cm / 240 = ideal weight

Example: (155 x 96) / 240 = 62 kg.

Do not forget that it is necessary, nevertheless, to take into account the physique, that women by nature have more fat than men.

Therefore, you can use the following data to determine your ideal weight:

For men

Height, cm Body type
Lean (asthenic) Normal (normosthenic) Broad bone (hypersthenic)
155 49 kg 56 kg 62 kg
160 53.5 kg 60 Kg 66 kg
165 57 kg 63.5 kg 69.5 kg
170 60.5 kg 68 kg 74 kg
175 65 kg 72 kg 78 kg
180 69 kg 75 kg 81 kg
185 73.5 kg 79 kg 85 kg

For women

Height, cm Body type
Lean (asthenic) Normal (normosthenic) Broad bone (hypersthenic)
150 47 kg 52 kg 56.5 kg
155 49 kg 55 kg 62 kg
160 52 kg 58.5 kg 65 kg
165 55 kg 62 kg 68 kg
170 58 kg 64 kg 70 kg
175 60 Kg 66 kg 72.5 kg
180 63 kg 69 kg 75 kg

You can also use our Body Parameters Analyzer.

Ideal weight formulas help you navigate until when you can lose weight. However, it is important to understand that two people of exactly the same weight can look completely different. It's not about height or body type, but body composition - the ratio of muscle to fat. Look at the photo.

Ideal Weight Formulas
Ideal Weight Formulas

Adipose tissue is more voluminous than muscle tissue. Therefore, the girl on the left looks more curvaceous than the girl on the right, although they have the same weight. And that's why it's so important to strive not so much to lose weight as to strengthen muscles through strength training and reduce fat percentage.

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