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Video: Is It Painful To Give Birth Or Not?

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Video: LABOR PAIN - How Bad Is It REALLY and How To Reduce Pain in Labor 2023, February
Is It Painful To Give Birth Or Not?
Is It Painful To Give Birth Or Not?

Is it painful to give birth or not?

Is it painful to give birth or not?
Is it painful to give birth or not?

Only women have God given such a miracle as becoming a mother. But this miracle brings many challenges and trials. Childbirth is one of the main stages of motherhood. Many expectant mothers are very afraid of labor pain. Its focus is fear, it activates the release of the hormone adrenaline into the bloodstream. The hormone adrenaline deactivates the secretion of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is a "guide" during the entire process of childbirth and causes uterine contractions.

Childbirth should not be afraid, but seriously and responsibly prepare for it. Nature did not come up with birth pain for nothing. As mentioned above, the hormone oxytocin is released in response to pain. It improves the functioning of all organ and tissue systems. If a woman feels pain, it means that the labor is going well. Also, in response to labor pain, the hormone endorphin begins to be released. It forms the bond between the unborn child and his mother and is responsible for natural pain relief. Also, the most important achievement of this hormone is the formation of the maternal instinct. Normally, labor pain is insignificant and short-lived.

There are many types of pain relief. Many women in labor dream of getting an injection and will not feel any pain. Dear women in labor, you must remember one simple truth that Nature did not create birth pain in order for you to suffer. Any interference with the natural process can lead to serious consequences. After anesthesia, the woman in labor does not feel anything, she is constantly examined, all indicators are monitored, because now she cannot say herself if she feels something bad. Such women are simply called patients.

Let's try to consider the pros and cons of using one of the types of pain relief - epidural anesthesia. The advantages of using include: reducing pain, adrenaline; acceleration of the dilatation of the cervix; reduces blood pressure during childbirth; used for caesarean section. As for the negative side of the use of epidural anesthesia, the disadvantages are: a decrease in labor; makes it difficult to push; causes allergic reactions; prolonged back pain, etc. For a child, the consequences can be more serious: respiratory dysfunctions; motor skills; disorientation. Remember that there are natural pain relief methods such as aromatherapy, singing and listening to music during labor, relaxation, etc. During childbirth, you need to carefully listen to your body in order to figure out which position is best to take.

Having a loved one during childbirth also relieves pain
Having a loved one during childbirth also relieves pain

Think that you endure all this for the sake of the unborn baby, it will become easier for you. Having a loved one during childbirth also relieves pain. Try to create a room environment like yours. Be sure to get ready for childbirth, think over every little thing. Massage during childbirth plays an important analgesic role.

Remember that no one will help you as much as yourself. Therefore, many experts recommend visiting the pool before childbirth to strengthen muscles, go to special courses for pregnant women, think only about a good future, and do gymnastics. Do not forget that scientists have proven that women in labor who spend a lot of time on walks experience almost no birth pain. Labor pain is an individual moment. Someone feels terrible pain and does not want to hear more about another child, and someone does not feel the slightest pain.

Dear mothers, childbirth is only the beginning of the path to motherhood. Along the way, you will have many more problems, pains, frustrations, and sleepless nights. But in a row with these negative moments there is one big plus - the great happiness of being a mother, and no one will take this happiness away from you and cannot replace it.

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