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Video: Leg Bench Body Solid GLCE-365

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Video: Body-Solid GLCE365 Seated Leg Extension & Supine Curl ( 2023, February
Leg Bench Body Solid GLCE-365
Leg Bench Body Solid GLCE-365

Leg Bench Body Solid GLCE-365

Leg Bench Body Solid GLCE-365
Leg Bench Body Solid GLCE-365

With the help of the Body Solid GLCE-365 Leg Bench exercise machine, you will be able to devote 15-20 minutes a day to your health in order to build up the necessary muscles, remove excess fat mass, and make your appearance flawless and beautiful. This simulator is installed in any room convenient for you: in the country, at home, even at work - the Body Solid GLCE-365 foot bench will become your reliable friend and companion on the way to achieving perfection.

Reliable, affordable, functional leg bench Body Solid GLCE-365 - the life force for achieving multiple victories, interest from the opposite sex, and as a result - self-confidence. Manufacturers and distributors promise that your beautiful, well-groomed, toned body will inspire admiration and confidence.

Two-position Bench Body Solid GLCE-365 is designed to train the muscles of your legs using lying flexion - sitting extension. Let's now turn to the characteristics of this simulator. What does the Body Solid GLCE-365 Leg Bench consist of?

reliable frame made of rectangular profile 50 x 76 mm;

  • the handles located on the back and on the seat are designed to securely fix the athlete's body during training;
  • rear seat backrest adjustable for an athlete of any size, the handles of which move in 3 vertical positions and 2 supporting positions for bending the legs;
  • massive locking rollers can be adjusted with a pin both vertically and horizontally;
  • thick cushions are 3 inches thick, made of DuraFirm material;
  • the wide base is designed to ensure the stability of the machine.

According to the distributors of the simulator, it trains the following muscle groups:


  • calf;
  • abdominal muscles (abs);
  • muscles of the shoulder girdle;
  • hips;
  • gluteal muscles.

Weight of the Leg Bench Body Solid GLCE-365: 47 kg.

Trainer dimensions: 188x69x79 cm.

According to the manufacturers, the trainer is well suited for home use as well as for commercial purposes.

As we mentioned above, on the Body Solid GLCE-365 Leg Bench, 2 types of exercises are performed: lying leg curl and seated leg extension. This simulator, judging by the reviews, can be a good substitute for expensive block simulators, also designed to train leg muscles. The exceptionally sturdy frame with specially shaped cushions may well provide reliability and comfort to the user.

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