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Sex In Early Pregnancy
Sex In Early Pregnancy

Sex in early pregnancy

Sex in early pregnancy
Sex in early pregnancy

they assure that almost nothing has changed, unless, of course, the mother is in danger of miscarriage. Now you need to take care twice about the well-being of the woman in labor, and if everything is fine, then you should not deprive yourself and your husband of great pleasure.

A man needs to get used to infrequent and inadequate sex in the first trimester of pregnancy, since this period is quite difficult. Therefore, our conversation will focus on sex in early pregnancy.

“I just found out that I was pregnant. The decree is still very far away. The boss is unaware of the interesting situation, because there are no external signs yet. During the entire period, all kinds of hormonal changes occur in the body: constantly nauseous, headache, feeling tired and drowsy”- in her thoughts, like a rosary, the woman goes over this news. Dreams of an upcoming full-fledged family.

This period is characterized by minimal sexual activity, if, of course, the gynecologist gave permission to make love.

And what does a man feel during this period? He learned that he would soon become a dad. Was I ready for this or it was a surprise for him - this is how psychologists divide future dads. Pregnancy makes many adjustments to the intimate life of a couple. A man is afraid to offer a woman intimacy himself, being ashamed of the future baby and fearing to do him any harm.

Pregnancy and sex
Pregnancy and sex

Modern experts in the field of medicine and psychology believe that pregnancy is not a reason to give up intimate relations with your wife. Scientists have concluded that the hormone of happiness has a very positive effect on the condition of the child. Besides, orgasm is a good workout for the upcoming birth. Young parents are afraid to have sex for fear of harming the baby: traumatizing, reaching or touching. But these are all fairy tales, because the baby is reliably protected by amniotic fluid, the placenta and the uterus, and the cervix is ​​reliably closed by the mucous membrane, so even during sex in the late stages of pregnancy there will be no harm to him.

The positive side of intimate life in early pregnancy:

there is still no big belly, so you can not be limited in the choice of poses;

  • there is no opportunity to get pregnant again;
  • an intimate relationship trains the muscles of the uterus well, which will help during childbirth;
  • the speed of reaching orgasm has increased;
  • sperm are a protein and building material that the fetus needs up to 13-14 weeks.

In addition to the pros, there are a number of reasons why you need to forget about your sex life. This list includes the following:

if there have already been miscarriages;

  • found venereal diseases;
  • if the ultrasound scan showed two or even three babies;
  • specialists have established pathologies associated with the placenta;
  • the woman in labor had bleeding or bad discharge;
  • the threat of termination of pregnancy is assumed.

The latter reason may be associated with taking medications or identified various pathologies of the fetus. In these cases, the mother is offered to get rid of the child. There is no need to be upset if the doctor himself has forbidden intimate life. After all, now there are three of you, and the focus should be on the baby, his condition. Intimate life can be partially replaced by dinner by candlelight, walks in the fresh air and just a pleasant time alone with your family, which no doctor has the right to prohibit.

Sex in early pregnancy
Sex in early pregnancy

When having sex during pregnancy, the following rules should be followed.

be sure to use condoms to avoid any kind of infection;

  • it is forbidden to engage in anal sex, which may threaten the disruption of pregnancy;
  • it is undesirable to use lubricants, because they can provoke an allergic reaction;
  • do not recommend having sex on the days of expected menstruation.

So, from our article you learned in what cases you should not deprive yourself and your spouse of pleasure during pregnancy. Follow the doctor's recommendations and this wonderful period will not be overshadowed by anything!

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