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Video: Slim Smile

Video: Slim Smile
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Slim Smile
Slim Smile

Slim Smile - an online diet or a new trend in weight loss?


What is the main problem of all losing weight? Are you overweight? Not. Excess weight can be lost through diet - fortunately now there are a great many of them. The main problem is that at the end of the diet, the weight returns, and often becomes even more than it was before the diet. The main reason for this is a return to the old (high-calorie and unhealthy diet) and a decrease in the base metabolic rate during the diet. After all, what happens when there is a shortage of food: the body switches to more economical work, metabolism decreases - so much energy is no longer required to perform the same operations. Therefore, the return to the old food addictions leads to the accumulation of even more excess weight than it was before losing weight.

How to lose weight and not gain weight again?

Keeping weight under control means making small lifestyle changes that you can live with forever. You can start by compiling your own list of such changes, this will definitely help you focus on the problem and get on the path of weight loss and health:

  1. Review your eating habits, stop eating before bed.
  2. Plan your meals inside and out.
  3. Only buy food on a full stomach.
  4. Eat regularly! Eat only from the plate while sitting at the table.
  5. Eat slowly, chew well, and do not get distracted.
  6. Drink more.
  7. Be sure to have breakfast.

Have you made your first must-list? Now try to start adhering to it … Moreover, they can help you with this.

How to prevent weight gain after dieting?

The developers of the Slim Smile program - nutritionists and nutritionists of one of the largest health websites - drew attention to the main problem of all those who lose weight: the return of weight after the end of the diet. It was decided to develop a system of nutrition and lifestyle that would spur metabolism, speed it up. The main task was for a person to adhere to it with pleasure all his life, gradually reducing his weight and healing the body. And the extra pounds would have no chance of returning.

Basic principles of the Slim Smile system:

  1. A large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that prolong youth and beauty, as well as prevent the development of cardiovascular and oncological diseases.
  2. Lots of fiber. It provides good intestinal motility, removes toxins and - a nice bonus! - makes the stomach flat.
  3. A large number of energizing foods and foods containing tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin (the hormone of happiness). This is largely why the motto of the Slim Smile system is: Smile and lose weight!
  4. Reasonable restrictions: salt, alcohol, sweet, starchy foods - all this is not prohibited at all, but it tells how to make these products useful so that they do not harm your figure, health or well-being.

Why is the online Slim Smile diet successful?


When it comes to being overweight and losing weight, we often hear the advice: "See a dietitian." But how many of us can afford to do this? Stops the lack of money, time, or it is simply not clear where to find this very nutritionist - he is definitely not in the district clinic. Yes, and the nutritionists themselves today are clearly not enough: those who want (and need) to lose weight many times more than they can lead (and this means make up an individual diet and monitor the results) specialists.

And that's why online systems for managing patients who want to lose excess weight and adhere to a particular diet were invented. In particular, one of the most famous diets - the Ducan diet - has been available online for several years now and has helped thousands of women around the world lose weight. The famous nutritionist would not have been able to accept such a large number of people in a hundred years!

How to use the Slim Smile online diet:

  1. Before the start of the program, a questionnaire is filled out, based on which your basal metabolic rate and calorie needs are calculated.
  2. An individual meal plan is drawn up: recipes for food (for meals at home or outside the home) are sent every day (yes, you will have to cook yourself - this is not the responsibility of a nutritionist).
  3. On the online diet site, you keep track of weight loss by filling out your weight loss diary every day, recording, among other things, deviations from the diet.
  4. Based on this, the system adjusts your menu, adding fasting days or transferring you to a different diet.

The advantages of the Slim Smile weight loss program include the fact that you can use this online diet absolutely free. At the same time, separate paid options are available in your personal account, making the process of losing weight even more convenient and comfortable.

A healthy diet for life

Slim Smile is not just a diet, it really is a whole system that includes advice on motivation, fitness and sports, and lifestyle in general. She talks about how to maintain your health for a long time, how to reduce the risk of serious diseases, how to accustom yourself to movement. This is a system for life.

Of course, this does not mean that you will have to follow the menu and cook according to the proposed recipes all your life. The system is designed so that, having acquired knowledge and healthy eating habits (as well as losing weight by the desired amount of kilograms), a person himself will be able to navigate in food and choose what is good for his figure and health, and what is not.

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