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Video: Fears And Fears Of Young Mothers How Will VHI Help?

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Fears And Fears Of Young Mothers  How Will VHI Help?
Fears And Fears Of Young Mothers How Will VHI Help?

Fears and concerns of young mothers … How will VHI help?

After months of joyful anticipation, a newly-made mother is often faced with the fact that motherhood is not only long-awaited happiness … but also new responsibilities, great responsibility, as well as an abundance of dubious information on the Internet and conflicting advice from relatives. How not to get lost in a new role for yourself? And whose recommendations are still worth listening to in this difficult but important period? Let's take a look at the typical concerns of young mothers together!

I don't know whose advice to listen to …

Of course, in our age of accessible information and passion for social networks, it is the Internet that is the source to which young mothers are in a hurry to turn in the first place. Specialized sites for parents, “mothers” forums and popular bloggers are always happy to help, advise and express their authoritative opinions … often completely contradicting each other and not always literate.

Therefore, the main source of knowledge for a woman should still not be the Internet or experienced friends, but, first of all, a trustworthy pediatrician. It is he who not only has a special profile education, but also sees a specific child in front of him and can assess his condition at the current moment and during the entire period of observation.

I'm afraid I won't be able to cope with the new rhythm of life - but we need to include regular visits to doctors in it

Indeed, it is the first year of a baby's life that brings with it perhaps the greatest number of changes. During this period, the mother most often faces the need to visit a doctor: regular check-ups by a pediatrician, preventive visits to narrow specialists, tests, vaccinations … And there are enough reasons for urgent appeals: either teeth, or fever, or a prolonged runny nose!

The birth of a child is an additional responsibility for his and for his health
The birth of a child is an additional responsibility for his and for his health

Therefore, when choosing a medical institution where a child will be monitored, it is worth paying attention to both the experience and qualifications of doctors, and the ability to seek help at any time, without a long wait for an appointment or a long queue.

Voluntary medical insurance provides exactly this opportunity: to combine high-quality medical care and comfortable service conditions. As a rule, the VHI policy allows you not only to be served in the leading clinics of your city, but also to choose a convenient appointment time and flexibly regulate the schedule of visits to specialists. In some companies, you can even move from one clinic to another, without "losing" the previous history of all calls and appointments!

How not to miss anything: after all, the baby probably needs some special examinations and examinations?

Of course, in the first year of life, a child needs closer attention of specialists and timely diagnosis of possible problems. Moreover, in the first month of life, a newborn is usually taken over by a pediatrician and a nurse, who monitor the baby's condition and help the young mother adapt to new living conditions and, possibly, unusual duties for her.

Most often, patronage is carried out by state polyclinics - however, there are special VHI programs that also provide this service! For example, when applying for a VHI policy for a newborn in the Ingosstrakh company, a mother can receive home patronage for up to 1 month of the baby's life and follow-up by a personal pediatrician and specialist doctors in a polyclinic or at home (under the terms of such programs as a Personal Pediatrician and “VIP Personal Pediatrician”). In addition, a children's VHI policy may include not only the services of a pediatrician and specialist doctors, laboratory and instrumental studies prescribed by doctors, diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations, but also routine vaccination, calling a commercial ambulance, and even emergency hospitalization.

Will I have time to deal not only with the health of the baby, but also with my own?

Of course, after the birth of the baby, the mother's body also needs to recover and replenish the resources so generously spent in pregnancy. Do not let this process take its course or ignore alarming symptoms due to lack of time! Complex family service programs will help you take care of yourself in time - for example, "Close people" from "Ingosstrakh".

The program "Close people" allows you to issue a VHI policy and connect your child, spouse, and elderly parents to it. In this case, you can choose which of the clinics is convenient for each of the family members and, if necessary, change specialists. The policy is very simple in registration - just a passport or a birth certificate is enough if we are talking about including a baby in the policy.

The policy applies to cases of acute diseases, exacerbations of chronic diseases, injuries, burns, frostbite and cases of poisoning. In other words, to all those troubles that may lie in wait for the baby on the way of active knowledge of the world!

The main source of knowledge for a woman should still not be the Internet or experienced friends, but, first of all, a trustworthy pediatrician
The main source of knowledge for a woman should still not be the Internet or experienced friends, but, first of all, a trustworthy pediatrician

In addition, even the basic version of the program includes not only outpatient services in the clinic, but also calling a pediatrician (or a therapist for adult program participants) at home. This is perhaps one of the most demanded options for young parents - after all, it allows you to seek advice and get professional help at any alarming moment without taking a sick baby to medical institutions.

How to entrust the doctors who are selected by the insurance company the most valuable thing - the health of the baby?

To be confident in the reliability of the clinic and the professionalism of doctors, it is worthwhile at the stage of choosing an insurance company to study which clinics it cooperates with. It is even better if, in addition to proven partners, the company also has its own network of clinics. Indeed, in this case, she is personally responsible for the quality of service, the level of medical technology and, of course, the qualifications of specialists.

For example, the Ingosstrakh company both cooperates with leading clinics and has its own network in Moscow - “Be Healthy”. It is on their basis, by the way, that services are carried out under the "Close people" program.

And, of course, it is equally important to choose a stable company with a proven track record. In particular, Ingosstrakh has been on the market for over 70 years and has always been one of the top leading insurers in Russia. In other words, this is that reliable partner with whom a young mother will be able to share at least some of the worries and concerns about the child's health. After all, you must agree that the health and well-being of the baby is the basis of the peace of mind of his mother!

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