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Thai Pills
Thai Pills

Thai pills

Recently, there have been many advertisements for the so-called "Thai pills" made in China. After examining the annotation, you can draw conclusions.

The basis of these tablets is fenfluramine, which the Chinese manufacturers directly write about in the annotation. But fenfluramine is a drug banned for circulation in Russia! Fenfluramine is included in the "List No. 1 of Potent Substances", approved by the Standing Committee on Drug Control, Protocol No. 1 / 76-2000 dated 06.03.2000 with addition No. 1, approved on 01.10.1999, Protocol No. 5 / 74-99. Fenfluramine has an uncontrolled effect on the central nervous system and leads to liver destruction.

That is, firstly, long-term use of these pills "blows away", and, secondly, they seriously plant the liver, up to liver failure and death. Such cases were officially registered in the United States, due to which drugs containing fenfermin, fenfluramine and its analog redux were withdrawn from the market.

A person who drinks "Thai pills" really loses weight for a short time. But then his liver falls apart, his hair falls out, and his nails and teeth crumble. After that, the person is treated for many years. And this is at best.

Most often, along with health, the family is also destroyed, since who needs a thin, but bald and jaundiced woman with an unpleasant rotten smell from the mouth, and who has a little “wrong” with her head …

Because These pills containing fenfluramine are potent and narcotic substances, then only for keeping these pills you can be prosecuted. These pills get to Russia only through smuggling (through train conductors crossing the border with China), so if you give these pills to someone you know, or try to sell these pills, the punishment will be much more serious (such smuggling "pulls" term from 3 to 7 years in prison).

Conclusion: "Thai" pills containing fenfluramine are very dangerous to health! They are psychotropic drugs that destroy the nervous system, but they destroy not only the brain, but also the liver.

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