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Life Insurance - It Concerns Me
Life Insurance - It Concerns Me

Life insurance - it concerns me

Historically, many important family decisions are made by women. While a man hunts a mammoth, builds houses and conquers the world, it is the woman who takes care of the comfort and well-being of the family, its integrity and the health of all its members … Of course, this is a great responsibility and it is not surprising that many of us sometimes want to share it with someone!

Life insurance - it concerns me
Life insurance - it concerns me

Fortunately, in the modern world, women (and men as well) no longer need to carry this burden of responsibility, quite heavy from a psychological point of view, on their own. There are different ways to relieve some of your worries and worries about the future of your family. And today we will tell you about one of the most effective - endowment life insurance programs.

For some reason, such programs, unfortunately, are not very well known in our country … But this is an excellent and reliable way not only to invest and save your money, but also to increase it, providing both a financial reserve in case of unforeseen situations, and confidence in the future!

The essence of endowment life insurance programs is very simple: you make regular contributions, insuring, depending on the conditions of the program, life and health (disability). And the insurer company not only guarantees you insurance payments in case of unpleasant life situations, but also invests your funds within the framework established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Thus, you not only insure your family against possible financial troubles in the event of the loss of a breadwinner, but you can also receive additional income by the end of the contract.

Alla about life insurance in Ingostrah
Alla about life insurance in Ingostrah

Alla, a leading analyst at a large financial company, is ready to share her personal experience: “I have been working in the field of finance for a long time, so even when planning my personal budget I try to take into account not only annual expenses, but also invest in the future, in my financial stability. It is also important that endowment insurance programs have government support - I get 13% back from each annual contribution. I signed a life insurance contract with Ingosstrakh-Life a long time ago, when these programs just started to gain popularity in the Russian market.

All this time, I pay insurance premiums annually, receive final financial reports on the company's investment activities and profitably regulate the terms of the contract two times by connecting additional options. It is this flexible and transparent program that helps me feel confident in the future and, to be honest, not worry about the inevitable approach of retirement age …"

Endowment life insurance programs are a smart financial instrument that allows you not only to insure your life risks, but also to accumulate funds in parallel, providing confidence in your own future. This is a great way to save up for large financial expenses without much damage to the current family budget. For example, for a "safety cushion" when you retire, for a child's education, or for any other goals planned in the long term.

Irina about life insurance in Ingostrakh
Irina about life insurance in Ingostrakh

Irina, the mother of her ten-year-old son, decided to take care of her child's future: “We signed a life insurance contract with Ingosstrakh-Life when Sasha turned 7, in honor of his entering the first grade. The insurance period is 10 years - we have specially calculated everything so that Sasha could receive insurance payments at the age of 17, by the time he graduates from school.

We plan to spend the accumulated amount for Sasha's higher education, or extend the contract until Sasha needs the first installment under the loan for his own home. I believe that the endowment insurance program in a reliable and stable company is an excellent opportunity to provide your child with a successful start into adulthood!"

Of course, the specificity of the endowment life insurance program is its long term. Therefore, when drawing up an insurance contract, it is very important to take a responsible approach to choosing the most reliable and stable insurance company! Agree, when you invest for a period of 5 to 30 years or more, you want to be confident not only in your future, but also in the reliability of the company to which you entrusted the money.

Ingosstrakh-Life is one of such companies, famous for its stability and confidence in the future. It is important to note that the company has not only existed on the market for about 70 years, having gone through all the difficult stages of development of our country, but is also consistently included in the TOP-5 of the leading Russian insurance companies. That is, your funds will be protected by reliable specialists with a proven reputation over the years!

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