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Spine Trainers
Spine Trainers

Spine Trainers

Spine Trainers
Spine Trainers

Today, many suffer from back pain, lower back pain, trying to get rid of it, but in vain. And only a few realize that you can ease your lot with the help of specially selected exercises or simulators designed to strengthen the muscles of the spine. So, rotating the most ordinary gymnastic hoop, exercising on a horizontal bar, an exercise bike or a specialized strength trainer for back muscles, you can not only activate and strengthen your muscles, but also get a tangible healing effect. If you want to get a healthy body and rave looks - get a spine trainer and your life will be transformed.

Our back muscles are involved in almost all body movements. A graceful, strong, well-designed back gives us a regal posture and helps maintain the health of the spine. And healthy, hardy back muscles are the key to success in sports, as well as a natural, non-surgical way to keep your spine healthy. Your body will become healthier and more beautiful with each workout on the simulator. Exercising constantly, you can forever get rid of pain in the spine and back, from scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

Like everyone else, spine strength machines differ in both price and quality. First of all, the price of a simulator depends on its characteristics and functions.

The back area is conventionally divided into 3 sections, each of them includes several muscles. In the upper back is the trapezius, rhomboid muscles, and also the muscle that lifts the scapula. In the middle part of the back - the latissimus dorsi muscle, the psoas muscle, the posterior upper, posterior lower dentate muscles, the apical part of the longissimus dorsi muscle, the large and small round muscles. In the lower back is the lower part of the longissimus muscle, as well as the iliocostal muscle.

There are several main types of spine trainers today
There are several main types of spine trainers today

There are several main types of spine trainers today.

  1. Exercise machines for back muscles with adjustable load. They are a seat, a support for the legs, a lever that is combined with a rack with weights. Examples of such machines are Body Solid SBK1600G / 2 seated back extension, Body Solid ProClub SPD700G / 2 Butterfly, Bronze Gym D-012 Upper Row.
  2. Twist - simulators are aimed at strengthening the middle of the body. They are supposed to be engaged in sitting, while the body, resisting rotation, twists along the vertical axis.
  3. T-bar, T-Bar - such simulators are a lever with pancakes on one side, which is attached to the other end with a hinge. The free end has a handle similar to the letter "T". For example, this is the Hardman HM-403 T-Bar Strength Machine.
  4. The hyperextension machine is a bench with a footrest, with the front of the thigh resting on a platform, and sequential lowering and lifting of the body are performed on the machine. Examples of such machines are Body Solid GHYP345 45 degree hyperextension.

The types of spine machines also include rowing machines, overhead rows and some more. EXAMPLE Winner / Oxygen Typhoon Rowing Machine, Matrix Rower Rowing Machine.

We wish you a happy shopping and effective training!

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