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Ultravit Slank
Ultravit Slank

Ultravit Slank

Pills "Ultravit Slank" (ultravit slim). As the advertisement assures, this is a Dutch parapharmaceutical agent (that is, in our opinion, a food additive, which exempts from medical examination), which has 34 years of experience. These pills contain seaweed, lecithin, aloe, dandelion leaves and roots, thorns, lactose and magnesium stearate. This magical composition, according to the manufacturer of the pills, "promotes the optimal processing of proteins and fats, and normalizes blood pressure."

You need to drink 1-2 pills before meals 3 times a day and in 25 days you will lose 8 kg of body weight.

A legitimate question arises: why, in fact, the body suddenly begins to lose weight?

The answer is given in the same place, in the advertisement: "it is necessary, while taking pills, to eat only plant foods, to drastically limit the intake of fat, a slight addition of eggs, cottage cheese and sour cream (instead of butter) is allowed."

Good weight loss program. But then why are the pills themselves needed? And without them, with such a severe dietary restriction, obesity will really pass. And the pills are, apparently, just the black humor of the company.

Many other diet pills are sold in a similar way.

Miracle pills: ate and lost weight?

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