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We Decorate The House For The New Year
We Decorate The House For The New Year

We decorate the house for the New Year 2012

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

To properly decorate a house for the Year of the Dragon, one must imagine what the Dragon himself might like. The decorations of the table and rooms should contain things made of metal: silver glasses, metal-ceramic decorations, and the like. It is necessary to start decorating the room from the corridor, because it is in it that you will meet your guests - the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. Spruce branches in large vases, colored balls, decorative candles, a poster with a playful inscription for guests are suitable to decorate the corridor.

Also decorate the kitchen with fir branches, tie a salt shaker, bread box or napkin holder with a bright satin ribbon.

Naturally, the main decoration of the apartment is an elegant New Year tree. But you can get by with branches of greenery, making New Year's compositions, winter bouquets. When decorating a Christmas tree, it is not necessary to use metal, but it is better to make decorations and Christmas toys with your own hands, and when making them, make secret desires. These wishes will surely come true next year.

Winter spruce
Winter spruce

To give the room a festive mood, you can decorate it with Christmas decorations, serpentine lines, balloons. Hang bunches of serpentine from the chandelier, throw it over the paintings, attach to the wall or ceiling. Colored balloons will look very decorative if you collect them in a bouquet and hang them from the chandelier. You can attach them at different heights to the walls. Thus, the New Year holidays are a great opportunity to show your designer talent.

You can fix spruce branches on shelves, behind paintings, or just pin them to the wall. Decorate the twigs with Christmas decorations, silver threads, ribbons, bows, candles. You can use not only the branches of a Christmas tree, but also pine and any other coniferous tree. Feel free to add different little silver or gold color anywhere, for example, in vases with nuts or fruits. Vases will become unusually effective from this, and guests will be amazed at your design skills.

Don't forget about gifts …

What to give for the Year of the Dragon? According to the legends of the East, if you give a gift with the image of a Dragon, happiness and good luck will come to the house, during the year the Dragon will protect you from misfortunes and troubles. Therefore, the most popular gift in the Year of the Dragon is a variety of souvenirs, and maybe jewelry with images of dragons. Among the Chinese symbols, it is the Dragon that is the main carrier of good luck and happiness.

Give your family and friends for the New Year dragons in different possible forms and they will definitely bring them Good luck and Happiness

New Year dragons
New Year dragons

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