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Metabolic Accelerators
Metabolic Accelerators

Metabolic accelerators

But there is another area where greedy businessmen are sticking their hands. This area is called "metabolism". Comparing some medical facts, savvy businessmen from Syntrax Innovations Inc noticed that some endocrine diseases are accompanied by weight loss. First of all, we are talking about Graves' disease (diffuse toxic goiter).

Is it possible to artificially cause this disease in humans? It's easy. You just need to create an excess of thyroid hormones in a person. Then the person will live in the mode of artificially caused Graves' disease, and, indeed, lose weight.

True, he will most likely have a goiter on his neck (Graves goiter). And the eyes will crawl out of the orbits (bulging, exophthalmos). And he will not be able to talk calmly (with this disease, stress is a natural way to relieve tension and at least temporarily lower the level of hormones in the blood, so Graves disease patients literally run into scandals and provoke them, this makes their condition easier).

Do you think this list of side effects has kept Syntrax Innovations Inc businessmen? Not at all. After all, all kinds of super fat burners, creams and tights for weight loss are just wildly popular.

The new tool promised to bring super profits, while if, as a rule, some advertised "fat destroyer", as a rule, turns out to be an ordinary dummy, from which there is no use, then this drug (ie thyroid hormones) will really help to lose weight quickly. The fact that after that people would have serious health complications was of no interest to anyone.

As a rule, unscrupulous businessmen sell their potions under the guise of food additives. They get on the counter bypassing the most severe control procedures to which drugs are subject. Medicines, among other things, are rarely sold without a medical prescription - that is, the likelihood of their "unauthorized" use is low. However, supplements can be purchased at the grocery store or through the website.

And only if some ultra-modern remedy sends a dozen or two gullible consumers to the intensive care unit, the relevant authorities will withdraw it from sale. Only now, the victims of this will no longer feel better.

Actually, that's what happened. Some time ago, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was informed about the dangers of a dietary supplement with the proud name Triax Metabolic Accelerator.

FDA experts have established that the main component of the "accelerator" is the thyroid hormone - triiodothyronine. People who wanted to lose weight under the guise of a harmless (but effective) dietary supplement were sold a powerful drug. In essence, they were put on hormone therapy, and they injected an excess of hormones 2-4 times a day and for only 25-30 dollars (the cost of 90 capsules), they undermined their health every day, organizing an incessant metabolic storm in the body.

The representative of Syntrax Innovations Inc., which manufactures Triax, said that the company has already sold 100 thousand packages of the product and no complaints from customers have been received. It is possible that this was exactly how it was - after all, they had to first present their complaints to the doctor. And it was on the "tip" of doctors, faced with the unusual side effects of Triax, that the FDA stopped the sale of the dangerous drug.

Now Syntrax Innovations Inc. serious litigation awaits. After all, thyroid hormones, with all the desire, cannot be classified as "nutritional supplements".

There is no organ system that is not affected by their excess. Triiodothyronine accelerates mental processes, increases blood pressure, causes palpitations and heart rhythm disturbances (atrial fibrillation), increases muscle tone and mood instability, and leads to an enlarged thyroid gland (goiter). And, of course, it sharply "accelerates" the metabolism - due to which weight loss occurs. True, along with fat, proteins of the body are also intensively decomposed.

The results of such a savage way of losing excess weight can be clearly illustrated with a few lines from the description of Graves' disease, which the manufacturers of these "metabolic accelerators" are trying to artificially cause: … Increased motor activity: with outstretched arms, trembling of the fingers is noticeable, hands in constant motion. Appetite and thirst are increased, but the patient loses weight. Severe muscle weakness. Sweating increased. Blood pressure is increased, even at rest there may be shortness of breath. Frequent stools. The function of the sex glands is impaired."

Such a bleak future awaits those who like to lose weight quickly with the help of Triax.

And remember - if someone promises you to quickly, efficiently and effortlessly destroy your extra pounds, then this is the same cheese that is put in a mousetrap. The apparent simplicity in achieving the cherished goal turns into either wasted money, or ruined health, and more often, both at the same time.

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