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Video: Fitness Room: Treadmill (400-600 Kcal / Hour)
Video: 3 MILE FAST Walking to Lose Belly Fat (burns 600 calories!) 2023, February
Fitness Room: Treadmill (400-600 Kcal / Hour)
Fitness Room: Treadmill (400-600 Kcal / Hour)

Fitness room: treadmill (400-600 kcal / hour)

Professional treadmill
Professional treadmill

Professional treadmills are an invariable attribute of any gym. Running is an excellent exercise that evenly strengthens the body and promotes harmonious physical development. Like any exercise machine, there are different treadmills, and the best result will obviously be provided by a professional treadmill used by athletes for personal training.

For a modern sports hall, a professional treadmill is a priority, because if strength and cardiovascular equipment somehow differ slightly in the audience of fitness enthusiasts, then the treadmill is a common simulator for everyone, which is used by everyone without exception.

All modern treadmills are divided into mechanical, magnetic and electrical according to the way they work. Mechanical and magnetic tracks are set in motion by the trainee's effort (we start walking - the track starts to "run"). Thus, using mechanical or magnetic drives, a person himself can control the duration of the workout and the speed of the track. And the angle of inclination of the track is chosen before training. Mechanical tracks are differentiated by their loading and braking systems. Magnetic treadmills are smoother than mechanical treadmills.

Exercising on the treadmill will make you fit: walking and running will improve muscle tone throughout your body. With each step, the muscles will get stronger and the heart will begin to pump more oxygenated blood.

Professional treadmill
Professional treadmill

On the treadmill, you can work out at an individual pace. Start with minimal activity and gradually increase your pace and duration. People with good physical condition can start right away with more stress. The main thing is regularity. The benefits of exercise will only be if you practice systematically, and not run a kilometer twice a month.

Warm up for 5-10 minutes before starting classes. A good warm-up before any physical activity significantly reduces the risk of injury. Beginners can first walk quietly for 10-15 minutes, then gradually increase the load. Before starting a workout, be sure to ask your doctor how long and how fast you can walk.

During training, you need to monitor your heart rate. It should remain within the doctor's recommended range, only in this case the exercise will be beneficial to your health. To control your pulse, you must:

  1. Stop exercising.
  2. Measure your heart rate on your wrist. To correctly measure the pulse, you need to put the tips of the index and middle fingers on the vein and lightly press it. Count the number of beats in 1 minute.
  3. Subtract your age from 220 for your maximum heart rate. During exercise, your heart rate should stay between 65% and 85% of this value.

Training rules. The greatest benefit and pleasure will be given by training conducted according to all the rules.

Sports recommend:

Before starting a workout, you should be familiar with the treadmill and control panel. Know how to change the speed, incline of the treadmill, and how to turn it off.

  • During classes, be sure to maintain the correct posture: shoulders are straightened, abdominal muscles are tense. Look forward, not down.
  • Choose a step width with which you usually move.
  • Do not lean to the sides or back while walking.
  • It is advisable to practice regularly, at the same hours and at the same time.

Cons - jogging is contraindicated for obese people, but they can walk.

Efficiency *****

Safety (walking) *****

Safety (running) **

Movement is life

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