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Video: Fitness Room: Exercise Bike (380-500 Kcal / Hour)
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Fitness Room: Exercise Bike (380-500 Kcal / Hour)
Fitness Room: Exercise Bike (380-500 Kcal / Hour)

Fitness room: exercise bike (380-500 kcal / hour)

Professional exercise bike
Professional exercise bike

An exercise bike is a stationary bike that allows you to simulate cycling indoors. The intensity of the load can be controlled by changing the resistance of the pedals - this feature is available on all exercise bikes.

To the question "what muscles does the exercise bike train?" we can confidently say that the same ones that develop and strengthen an ordinary bicycle. First of all, elasticity and firmness in the muscles of the legs and back improves. At the same time, the entire body also receives a complex and beneficial effect, since almost all muscles and internal organs of a person are indirectly involved. Since during any physical activity, all metabolic processes in the body improve, then excess weight will gradually disappear. You can lose weight with an exercise bike in a fairly short period of time, if you take it seriously, perform the entire set of exercises on a regular basis. Moreover, it is worth noting that the tangible result will largely depend not on the size of the load, but on the systematic nature of the exercises performed.It is always best to stick to a calm and measured training regimen to avoid various overstrains and breakdowns.

This simulator is safe for health, you can vary the amount of load and the intensity of training. The amount of calories burned depends on this. But do not forget that in order to burn fat, and not train the heart, you need to work out with a heart rate of 65-85% of the maximum possible. Maximum heart rate is calculated using the formula: 220-age.

All exercise bikes differ in the type of work (magnetic, electromagnetic, mechanical), as well as the purpose of the simulator (household, semi-professional, professional).

Professional exercise bike scoreboard
Professional exercise bike scoreboard

Types of exercise bikes:

  1. Mechanical - have the simplest flywheel load design - belt
  2. Magnetic - regulates the load using magnets that attract the flywheel
  3. Electromagnetic - stand out from the rest not only for silent operation, but also for reliability, long service life, ease of control, load
  4. Bicycle ergometers - equipped with sensors for taking readings of the user's vital activity (pulse, respiratory rate, pressure, and so on), which allows you to independently adjust the level of load. Bicycle ergometer sensors can be either wired (put on an arm or leg and connected to the simulator via wires) or wireless (infrared)

As a minus, it can be noted that for this simulator it is necessary to do additional exercises for the abdomen, back, chest and shoulders.

Efficiency ***

Safety *****

Movement is life

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