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Video: FlyLady: Everything Is Not As Difficult As It Seems
Video: Everything Is Not What It Seems (Full Extended Version) 2023, February
FlyLady: Everything Is Not As Difficult As It Seems
FlyLady: Everything Is Not As Difficult As It Seems

FlyLady: everything is not as difficult as it seems

FlyLady: everything is not as difficult as it seems
FlyLady: everything is not as difficult as it seems

The flylady system was created for those who want to cope with the household and constantly keep their house or apartment clean and tidy, while not wasting a lot of energy and time. Let's take a look at the secret of the “flying housewives” system.

To make it much easier to clean the house, divide it into several separate areas. It is not at all necessary to wash the whole house every day or wash clothes in the bathroom all day. For this, just 15 minutes is enough to clean a specific area, and you're done. Separate areas of your home can be a kitchen, hallway, living room and others.

Decide that this week is about cleaning the bathroom, so every day for 15 minutes and clean it. At the end of the week, you will realize that you have spent a little over an hour cleaning, which has saved you a lot of time, but the room sparkles with cleanliness.

The second rule is painful for many: do not accumulate unnecessary things. Force yourself to regularly clean up unnecessary junk that has accumulated for years in your closet or other secluded places.

The third rule is also no less difficult. Every day you need to come up with obligatory tasks for yourself that cannot be postponed until later - "routine". Housewives include cleaning the bed, making breakfast, and dressing up in such clothes so that they are not ashamed to meet guests or leave the house, for example, to the store (for housewives). Another trick is lace-up shoes. Connoisseurs of their craft argue that in such shoes with laces there is less temptation to lie down on a sofa or bed. The evening routine includes preparing clothes and writing a to-do list for the next day.

The daily routine is all about doing everything on your list. Of course, the whole catch is that we want to do everything at once, but in the end, we hardly have time to do anything and feel tired. Everything happens because the ideal is in most cases unattainable.

It is very funny, but at the same time alarming is the fact that fly-ladies are madly fond of polishing the sink. They do it every time they try. Because of this, they often hear ridicule and advice to see a psychiatrist. This, of course, is all irony, because the housewives themselves claim that in order not to wash a dirty sink once a week, a minute a day is enough for it to be like new.

FlyLady: everything is not as difficult as it seems
FlyLady: everything is not as difficult as it seems

This system applies to the whole house. If you set aside 15 minutes for cleaning a day, then by the end of the week the whole house shines, and you just need to wipe the floor. That is why flyladies are full of strength and energy.

An apartment does not get dirty in one day, so it is also impossible to put things in order in a day - this is the main rule of housewives who use the flyledi system. If you clean the places that get dirty the fastest for 15 minutes every day, then after a while it will become a habit for you. Only after such actions in your house there will always be cleanliness and order.

Of course, if you clean the same thing every day, then you can go crazy from the monotony of actions and life in general. That is why Marley Sill came up with such a peculiar game with the main characters in it - FlyLady. This allowed not only her, but also many housewives from around the world to decorate their lives a little and make cleaning more pleasant and fun.

There are special forums where flyladies discuss topics or issues of interest, share advice and experiences, and also support each other morally so as not to lose heart.

If you decide to follow these principles, then in order for the system to be as successful as possible, print and hang on the wall a few optimistic phrases from the fly lady, this will motivate you to work fruitfully.

Still, this flyledy technique works, adhering to its basic principles, you can save a lot of effort, energy and time. It is these principles that are useful and save housewives from routine in their daily work. Pull yourself together, tune in a positive way. Day after day, the most routine work for you will become a routine that makes you smile.

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