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Video: Myllyn Paras Bread Crumbs

Video: Myllyn Paras Bread Crumbs
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Myllyn Paras Bread Crumbs
Myllyn Paras Bread Crumbs

Myllyn Paras bread crumbs

Myllyn Paras bread crumbs
Myllyn Paras bread crumbs

Calories, kcal: 372 Proteins, g: 13.9 Fats, g: 2.5 Carbohydrates, g: 72.5

Breadcrumbs are small crumbs, mostly made from dry white bread.

Crackers are used by culinary specialists in various types of dishes. And they also found application in navigation, in armies and in long-distance expeditions. There was a division into ordinary rusks and officers' rusks, the latter were baked from flour of a higher quality. In wartime and during the movement of troops, instead of fresh bread, they were content with breadcrumbs, as a product less susceptible to spoilage and more convenient for transportation. Crackers are baked by the troops themselves.

Myllyn Paras breadcrumbs provide the perfect breading for your culinary products. With them, a flawless appetizing crisp is provided. Your guests and family alike will drool over your delicious meals.

Myllyn Paras breadcrumbs, 300 g. Store in a cool dry place, protected from foreign odors. Expiration date: 12 months (according to the information on the package). LLC "Kolos-Express", Russia.

Calorie content of Myllyn Paras bread crumbs

The calorie content of Myllyn Paras bread crumbs is 372 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Myllyn Paras breadcrumbs composition

The composition of Myllyn Paras bread crumbs: wheat flour, water, E503 baking powder.

Myllyn Paras breadcrumbs in cooking

Mullun Paras breadcrumbs are used for breading meat, fish, chicken and vegetable products, as well as an additive to minced meat, sauces, etc. (calorizer). They can be prepared at home, and for this there are many recipes that can be found both on the Internet and in special printed publications.

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