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Croutons Hrusteam Salami
Croutons Hrusteam Salami

Croutons Hrusteam salami

Croutons Hrusteam salami
Croutons Hrusteam salami

Calories, kcal: 425 Protein, g: 8.5 Fat, g: 12.0 Carbohydrates, g: 69.0

Crackers in the old days - a careful and reverent attitude to bread and rather a necessity. Now the attitude towards bread and rusks has changed radically. Not only housewives are engaged in the procurement of rusks, but also whole companies. For the first time in 2012, Hrusteam salami crackers appeared from the company Frito Lei Manufacturing LLC (calorizer). The manufacturer did not have to wait long, this product almost immediately won the buyer's favor.

Calorie croutons Hrusteam salami

The calorie content of Hrusteam salami crackers is 425 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Ingredients of croutons Hrusteam salami

Ingredients: corn flour, rye flour, wheat flour, vegetable oil, flavoring additive, flavoring agents, flavor and aroma enhancer, lactose, wheat bran, malt extract, salt.

Useful properties and harm of croutons Hrusteam salami

Croutons Hrusteam salami contains vitamins: groups B, E, H and PP, and chemical elements: chlorine and sulfur, phosphorus, potassium. But in addition to useful substances, they contain various flavors, enhancers of taste and aroma (calorizator). It's safe to say that crackers do more harm to the body than good.


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