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Sushi Supaisu Syake
Sushi Supaisu Syake

Sushi Supaisu syake

Sushi Supaisu syake
Sushi Supaisu syake

Calories, kcal: 216 Protein, g: 8.0 Fat, g: 14.6 Carbohydrates, g: 13.3

Weight: 30 gr.

Sushi with salmon and spicy sauce.

Calorie content of sushi Supaisu syake

The calorie content of Supaisu syake sushi is 216 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition and useful properties of sushi Supaisu syake

Salmon contains a variety of vitamins: B12, D, E, proteins, animal fats, cholesterol; trace elements in it are represented by: selenium, manganese, iron, zinc; macroelements - sodium, fluorine, potassium, calcium. Fatty acids omega-3 and 6 are found in large amounts in salmon (calorizer). They cannot be produced in the body by themselves, and therefore their intake from the outside with food is mandatory.

Supaisu syake sushi harm

Due to the pungency and pungency of the Japanese product, it is not recommended to use Supaisu syake sushi for people with stomach and intestinal ulcers, as well as for those who suffer from increased irritability of the gastric mucosa.

The dish can also harm people with cholecystitis, gastritis, hepatitis and pancreatitis.

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