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Video: Comella Cheese Pickled

Video: Comella Cheese Pickled
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Comella Cheese Pickled
Comella Cheese Pickled

Comella cheese pickled

Comella cheese pickled
Comella cheese pickled

Calories, kcal: 194 Protein, g: 13.5 Fat, g: 13.3 Carbohydrates, g: 5.0

Comella cheese is a pickled type of cheese that differs from other types of cheese. It matures and is stored in brine and therefore has no crust. The consistency of the cheese resembles feta. Comella cheese is firm, firm, but brittle. It will be a great addition to fresh vegetable dishes.

According to the manufacturer, high-quality cow's milk is used for the production of cheese, and the production is equipped with modern equipment of the highest level TetraPak. The packaging is filled with unripe cheese and the cheese ripens right in the box, human contact with the product is completely excluded.

Calorie content of brine Comella cheese

The calorie content of Comella brine cheese is 194 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Comella pickled cheese composition

Comella brine cheese contains the following ingredients: pasteurized milk, salt, milk-clotting enzyme of microbial origin, acidity regulator E575.

The benefits and harms of Comella cheese

The composition of Comella brine cheese is completely natural and in the absence of lactose intolerance, the product will not harm the body. Even the additive E575 (Glucono-delta-lactone), used in the manufacture of cheese, is recognized as safe and is fully absorbed in the human body.

Comella pickled cheese has a relatively low fat and calorie content with a high protein content; such cheese can be safely included in the diet without fear of gaining a couple of extra pounds.

Comella cheese in cooking

Due to its delicate creamy taste and firm texture, Comella cheese is perfect for Greek salad and other fresh vegetable salads. Cheese also goes well with herbs, olives, and all types of bread. It can be used for sandwiches and making snacks.

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