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Valio Loose Curd Cheese 2%
Valio Loose Curd Cheese 2%

Valio loose curd cheese 2%

Valio loose curd cheese 2%
Valio loose curd cheese 2%

Calories, kcal: 80 Protein, g: 13.0 Fat, g: 2.0 Carbohydrates, g: 2.0

This product got to the tables of Europe and the CIS countries from Finland, it is one of the "national" dishes. Actually, it is a cottage cheese familiar to Europeans, with a fat content of about 2%.

The “cheese” that appears in the name is a tribute to tradition, because the curd was formed when making cheese at home (calorizer). The Finns quickly appreciated the taste and useful qualities of cottage cheese and laid the foundation for its industrial production.

Calorie content of Valio loose curd cheese 2%

The calorie content of Valio loose curd cheese 2% is only 80 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of Valio loose curd cheese 2%

Valio curd cheese, like all products derived from milk, includes many vitamins (A, D, B1, E, B2, PP, B12, C) and mineral compounds of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium.

It is very important that all these compounds are optimally assimilated by the human body, which "allows" the use of cottage cheese for people who poorly assimilate milk proteins. It should be noted that the organic substances of curd cheese provide the most complete saturation of the body with energy, having a beneficial effect on all systems of the human body.

The relatively low fat content allows such a product to be consumed by people who monitor the amount of calories consumed. A very important product will be curd cheese for athletes.

The use of Valio loose curd cheese 2% in cooking

In cooking, curd cheese is used mainly as an independent light and healthy snack (calorizator). Desserts made from curd cheese and fresh fruits and vegetables are very popular. It is also used in baked goods, as a filling or as a base for desserts that require hot cooking.

Of course, curd cheese, like all dairy products, must be fresh.

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