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Dutch Cheese
Dutch Cheese

Dutch cheese

Dutch cheese
Dutch cheese

Calories, kcal: 352 Proteins, g: 26.0 Fats, g: 26.8 Carbohydrates, g: 0.0

In Russia, Dutch cheese is called Dutch, the recipe of which was brought by Peter I. Dutch cheese belongs to the category of hard cheeses, is produced in the form of cylinders of round or oval shape, has a thin crust of light yellow color. The cheese mass is elastic, dense, but it breaks well, the eyes are round or oval, unequal in size. Dutch cheese has a spicy, slightly sour taste and aroma. Close relatives of the Dutch are Yaroslavsky and Kostroma cheeses.

Calorie Dutch cheese

The calorie content of Dutch cheese is 352 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of Dutch cheese

A traditional product must contain the following ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, mesophilic starter culture, salt and calcium chloride, annatto dye is allowed. Dutch cheese contains B vitamins, minerals, essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Cheese is a source of fast-digesting protein, which is necessary for building the body's cells (calorizator). The use of cheese improves skin condition, strengthens bone tissue and tooth enamel, and promotes better sleep.

Composition and useful properties of Dutch cheese
Composition and useful properties of Dutch cheese

The harm of Dutch cheese

Excessive consumption of Dutch cheese can exacerbate gastrointestinal and kidney diseases. Cheese should not be consumed by those with a milk protein intolerance.

Selection and storage of Dutch cheese

When buying cheese, you should pay attention to the composition of the product, which should not contain flavors and artificial preservatives. It is better to buy cheese in factory packaging, the special gas environment of which allows the cheese to "breathe".

The shelf life of a whole cheese block or block is 90 days at room temperature and high humidity. The cut piece or slicing should be put into the refrigerator, previously wrapped in cling film.

Dutch cheese in cooking

Dutch is a universal cheese, you can eat it yourself, only, preferably without nuts. The cheese melts well and is therefore suitable for all dishes where baked cheese is used. Dutch cheese can be fried in batter, preparing an unusual hot snack. The cheese is used in salads, sauces, soups, and is part of the cheese fondue mixture.

For more information on Dutch cheese, see the video of the TV show Test Purchase.

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