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Cambozola Cheese
Cambozola Cheese

Cambozola cheese

Cambozola cheese
Cambozola cheese

Calories, kcal: 427 Protein, g: 13.5 Fat, g: 43.8 Carbohydrates, g: 0.5

Cambozola cheese is one of the famous varieties of German blue cheese, combining the best flavors of Camembert and Gorgonzola cheese.

The production of Cambozola cheese began in 1970. Currently, Cambozolo cheese is recognized by connoisseurs and gourmets all over the world.

Its production is under strict quality control and compliance. It is produced exclusively at the cheese factory of the German company Kaserei Champignon (calorizer). Cambotsola cheese is made from high quality cow's milk, salt, cream with the addition of rennet.

The cheese head of Cambotsola is covered with white mold, while the cheese mass is riddled with streaks of blue mold.

Cambozolo cheese is unique in its taste and consumer characteristics. Its taste is soft and delicate, with spicy, tangy notes.

Calorie content of Cambozola cheese

The calorie content of Cambozola cheese is 427 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of Cambotsola cheese

Cambotsola cheese contains a large amount of calcium and phosphorus, so eating it helps to strengthen bones, teeth and nails. The B vitamins present in the composition help to improve the nervous system.

Cambozola cheese is a nutritious product that saturates the human body with energy.

What to eat with Cambozola cheese

Recommended combination is fruit and white wine (calorizator). Before use, it is necessary to keep the cheese at room temperature for some time.

Cambotsola cheese is eaten as an independent snack and dessert.

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