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Manchego Cheese
Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese

Manchego cheese
Manchego cheese

Calories, kcal: 395 Protein, g: 24.0 Fat, g: 32.0 Carbohydrates, g: 2.6

Cheese Manchego (Manchego) - a variety of hard cheese, which is native to Spain. This type of cheese is a special pride of Spanish cheesemakers. It is brewed on the territory of a certain region - in the autonomous community of Castile, namely, La Mancha. He gained popularity among gourmets around the world.

Manchego cheese is made from pre-pasteurized sheep's milk. Some cheese makers use raw milk in their production. Manchego is aged for about 2 months. The cheese head has a cylindrical shape, covered with a ribbed crust. The weight of 1 head is approximately 2 kg (calorizer). The cheese mass is dense in structure, has a white or light yellow tint.

Manchego cheese has a unique taste and aroma. Young Manchego (it ripens for about 4 months) is tender and slightly sour, and mature cheese (aged for about a year) has a rich taste.

Calorie content of Manchego cheese

The calorie content of Manchego cheese is 395 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of Manchego cheese

In its composition, Manchego cheese contains a large amount of vitamins (A, E, C, groups B and D) and minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium) necessary for the normal functioning of the body (calorizator). It contains a lot of amino acids and proteins, which are very important for people involved in sports.

The use of Manchego cheese in cooking

They eat Manchego cheese as an independent snack, and also add it to vegetable salads, main courses, sauces. It goes well with baked goods. Manchego cheese is served with red wines and sherry.

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