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Svala Cheese 45% Sliced
Svala Cheese 45% Sliced

Svala cheese 45% sliced

Svala cheese 45% sliced
Svala cheese 45% sliced

Calories, kcal: 339 Protein, g: 26.5 Fat, g: 25.2 Carbohydrates, g: 0.0

Svala cheese belongs to semi-hard grades, the mass fraction of fat content is 45% in terms of dry matter. The product is packaged in the form of portioned cuts in plastic trays with a bright translucent film on top, packed in a protective atmosphere (a mixture of packaging gases - carbon dioxide and nitrogen). The slices of cheese are laid with parchment paper, which prevents dampness and sticking of the product.

Shelf life of cheese "Svala" 45% sliced ​​180 days. The manufacturer warns that after opening the package, the product should be stored in the refrigerator.

Calorie content of cheese "Svala" 45% in slicing

The calorie content of 45% Sval cheese is 339 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition of the cheese "Sval" 45%

The Svala cheese contains: normalized milk, pasteurized, salt. The production technology uses the starter cultures of mesophilic lactic acid microorganisms and a milk-clotting enzyme preparation of animal origin. The additive E251 (sodium nitrate) acts as a preservative - a substance that increases the shelf life of the product - in the "Sval" cheese. Svala cheese also contains annatto dye, about which there is little reliable information, and E509 sealant. Calcium chloride (E509) is recognized as a completely safe additive and is used for hardening cheeses, as well as in the production of milk powder, cottage cheese, jelly and marmalade products, canned vegetables and fruit (calorizator).

The benefits and harms of Svala cheese 45%

It is important to know that the consumption of foods containing the E251 additive in large quantities can cause poisoning. The main symptoms are: abdominal pain; blue lips, nails, or skin; cramps, as well as diarrhea, headaches, difficulty breathing. In addition, this preservative is carcinogenic and can cause cancer if overused.

Svala cheese 45% sliced ​​in cooking

Portion slicing allows you to use the product for making sandwiches for tea or coffee, as well as an appetizer for a festive table.

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