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Tilsiter Cheese
Tilsiter Cheese

Tilsiter cheese

Tilsiter cheese
Tilsiter cheese

Calories, kcal: 334 Protein, g: 27.8 Fat, g: 25.0 Carbohydrates, g: 0.1

Tilsiter is a type of semi-hard cheese, the production of which began in the 19th century. The cheese recipe has changed several times, its taste has changed greatly.

The color of Tilsiter cheese is light yellow, while it should have a hard state, covered with cracks and holes of different sizes and diameters. Tilsiter contains black pepper, cumin.

The main ingredient of Tilsiter cheese is milk, and the milk can be pasteurized, then the cheese will have a green label on the package, the taste will be soft.

If Tilsiter contains raw milk, the label will be red and the cheese will have a pungent aroma and a more refined taste.

If the package is marked in yellow, then the base of the cheese is pasteurized milk with the addition of cream (calorizer). The fat content can vary from 30% to 60%. The cheese ripening period is not long enough - from 30 to 180 days.

An important advantage of Tilsiter is that no food additives are used in the process of making cheese, and this, therefore, is a guarantee of high quality.

Calorie content of Tilsiter cheese

The calorie content of Tilsiter cheese is 334 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Tilsiter cheese composition

Tilsiter cheese is rich in vitamins: B-group (B12, B6, B9, B2 and rare for B5 cheeses), A, PP, E, and C, and minerals: sodium and calcium.

Useful properties of Tilsiter cheese

Tilsiter cheese is healthy due to its rich content of vitamins and minerals (calorizator). With the regular use of cheese, the process of bone tissue regeneration occurs, the work of the heart and blood vessels is normalized, and the water balance in the body is regulated.

The use of Tilsiter cheese in cooking

Tilsiter cheese is widely used in everyday life: it goes well with rye bread, perfectly complements the tastes of salads, perfectly suits potato dishes, even with dark varieties of beer drinks, complements and brings out the taste of wine.

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