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Video: Sandwich Big Breakfast Roll
Video: Биг Брекфаст Ролл Макдональдс (McDonalds Big Breakfast Roll) 2023, February
Sandwich Big Breakfast Roll
Sandwich Big Breakfast Roll

Sandwich Big Breakfast Roll

Sandwich Big Breakfast Roll
Sandwich Big Breakfast Roll

Calories, kcal: 655 Protein, g: 27.0 Fat, g: 36.0 Carbohydrates, g: 54.0

Breakfast for real heroes or very hungry athletes - Big Breakfast Roll will give you a feeling of satiety for a long time and energize you for new victories and achievements. Convenient roll will not allow sauce or ingredients to leave their place, hands will remain clean.

Calorie content of Big Breakfast Roll

The calorie content of Big Breakfast Roll is 655 kcal per serving.

Composition and useful properties of Big Breakfast Roll

Big Breakfast Roll consists of pork cutlet, bacon slices, potato cutlet, Cheddar cheese, omelette, ketchup and wheat tortilla (calorizer). Wheat flatbread is made of premium wheat flour, salt, water, sunflower oil. Contains additives E171, E516, E331 and others.

The pork cutlet contains pork, salt, water, dried sage, chilli, black pepper, sunflower oil.

Processed Cheddar cheese consists of Cheddar cheese, butter, whole milk powder, salt and water. There are emulsifiers - E331 and E339 and carotene.

Fried potato cutlet consists of potatoes, a mixture of sunflower and rapeseed oil, dry potato flakes, salt, black pepper extract, E450.

The omelet contains an egg product - pasteurized melange. Cooked in butter.

Served bacon consists of: pork, salt, stabilizers E450 and E301, preservatives E250 and E326.

The composition of tomato ketchup: tomato paste, water, sugar, salt, glucose, acetic acid as an acidity regulator.

Harm of Big Breakfast Roll

The ingredients of Big Breakfast Roll contain allergens and food additives that can harm the body, especially children. Try to have breakfast with Big Breakfast Roll not every day.

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