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Sandwich Hamburger
Sandwich Hamburger

Sandwich Hamburger

Sandwich Hamburger
Sandwich Hamburger

Calories, kcal: 255 Protein, g: 13.0 Fat, g: 9.0 Carbohydrates, g: 30.0

Chopped steak made from natural whole beef on a caramelized bun seasoned with mustard, ketchup, onions and a slice of pickled cucumber is a favorite of many McDonalds diners.

Calorie sandwich Hamburger

The calorie content of the Hamburger sandwich is 255 kcal.

Hamburger sandwich composition

Contains: a bun, a piece of meat, mustard, ketchup, reconstituted onions, pickles, salt.

A hamburger bun contains: wheat flour, water, granulated sugar, sunflower oil, salt, baking yeast, dry wheat gluten, technological aids (E300, E500i), a bakery improver “Mazhemix” with a purple label (stabilizer - E170, emulsifier - E472e), baking improver EB1 (stabilizer - calcium carbonate E170; emulsifier - E472e).

Beef cutlet contains 100% beef.

Tomato ketchup contains: water, tomato paste, glucose, sugar, salt, acidity regulator, natural flavor.

Mustard sauce contains: alcoholic vinegar, water, mustard seeds (13%), salt, spices, natural clove flavor.

Reconstituted onions are made from dried onions and filtered water.

Grill seasoning - iodized salt, ground black pepper, black pepper extract.

Benefits and Harm of the Hamburger Sandwich

Its beneficial properties lie in its nutritional value, bread and greens provide the human body with easily digestible carbohydrates, which provide energy for thinking and movement. Fresh lettuce, tomato and spices that make up this product provide people with vitamins A, B, E, C, F and K, macro and microelements (zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, copper, manganese and potassium) and fiber.

Nutritionists advise against eating Hamburger sandwiches every day, but once a week, you can easily arrange for yourself 1 meal in the form of such a hamburger. The classic hamburger contains 13 g of protein, 30 g of carbohydrates and 9 g of fat, and the energy value is 255 kcal, which is 13% of the daily value. The constant use of such food leads to obesity and metabolic disorders.


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