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Royal Cheeseburger Sandwich
Royal Cheeseburger Sandwich

Royal Cheeseburger Sandwich

Royal Cheeseburger Sandwich
Royal Cheeseburger Sandwich

Calories, kcal: 530 Protein, g: 32.0 Fat, g: 28.0 Carbohydrates, g: 36.0

The Royal Cheeseburger Sandwich, due to its taste and nutritional value, is a fairly popular dish among visitors to McDonalds restaurants.

Calorie sandwich Royal Cheeseburger

The calorie content of the Royal Cheeseburger sandwich is 530 kcal.

Composition and useful properties of the Royal Cheeseburger sandwich

In addition to the caramelized bun, the Royal Cheeseburger sandwich contains ingredients such as: chopped steak from a whole piece of natural beef, a couple of cheddar cheese slices, a couple of pickled cucumbers, onions with a ketchup and mustard dressing.

The bun includes: wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, yeast, salt, emulsifier, wheat gluten, water.

Beef meat is known for its beneficial properties and does not contain as much fat as, for example, pork. Beef meat is high in nutrients such as iron and protein, which contribute to the oxygen-richness of the cells of the human body. In terms of fat content, such meat even bypasses chicken, so for those who suffer from a problem of excess weight, beef meat will be a more suitable option (calorizer). The composition of the cheese includes: natural cheddar cheese, flavoring, butter, skim milk, emulsifiers E331 and E339, food coloring E160a, water, salt, sodium citrate E331, sorbic acid E200, sodium triphosphate E339, beta carotene E160a. Ketchup contains: water, tomato paste, sugar, glucose, salt, acetic acid, spices.

Ketchup contains: water, tomato paste, glucose, sugar, salt, acetic acid, a mixture of spices (soybean oil, spice extracts, fractionated coconut oil, onion extract).

Mustard contains: vinegar, water, mustard, salt, spices.

Pickled cucumbers and onions also contain nutrients and vitamins. Pickled cucumbers include: cucumbers, water, acetic acid, salt, spices, hardener - calcium chloride E509, sodium benzoate E211. Onions contain such useful substances and vitamins as calcium, fluoride, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, B and C. Onions are able to normalize our metabolism and are a means of strengthening the immune system. It also improves digestion.

The harm of the Royal Cheeseburger sandwich

Allergens in the Royal Cheeseburger sandwich are gluten, soy, peanuts, mustard, sesame.

This dish cannot be called dietary (calorizator). It contains 530 kcal per serving, which is 27% of the average person's diet. who is not dieting. You should not overuse such products, as it is fraught with the risk of developing colon cancer.


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