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Toaster Twister Sandwich
Toaster Twister Sandwich

Toaster Twister Sandwich

Toaster Twister Sandwich
Toaster Twister Sandwich

Calories, kcal: 220 Protein, g: 10.0 Fat, g: 10.0 Carbohydrates, g: 22.5

Sandwich Twister from a toaster (Original or Spicy) - these are pieces of chicken in the original KFC breading (respectively, in the original or spicy), wrapped in a flat cake with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise sauce. The chicken breading was personally developed by Sanders and is a trade secret. Convenience for the buyer is made by special packaging, which is convenient to open.

Calorie sandwich Twister from toaster

The calorie content of the original Twister from the toaster is 220 kcal, and the spicy one is 207 kcal per 100 grams. But the whole sandwich weighs 192 grams, so the calorie content of one serving of the original Twister from the toaster is 422.4 kcal, and the spicy one is 397 kcal.

Composition and benefits of toaster Twister sandwich

The Toaster Twister Sandwich consists of a wheat flatbread (or tortilla), chicken fillet strips (original or hot), diced tomatoes, Iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise sauce.

Wheat tortilla is made from premium flour, vegetable oil, water, using a baking powder. Tortilla is convenient for preparing and serving dishes.

Strips are pieces of chicken fillet fried in breading and spices. Chicken fillet is a valuable protein product, contains almost no fat, and is similar in protein content to seafood. However, deep-frying it reduces the dietary benefits of the chicken in the sandwich.

Harmful properties of toaster Twister sandwich

Sandwich Twister from a toaster is a high-calorie product that is not suitable for regular meals.

When cooking, chicken strips are rolled in flour, eggs and spices and fried in oil. Therefore, strips, despite the benefits of chicken fillet, are not a dietary product.

We do not recommend including the Toaster Twister sandwich in your daily diet. The ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates is not balanced. The sandwich is high in fat, and most of the carbohydrates - the fast carbohydrates from a wheat cake - can lead to weight gain.

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