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Fillet-o-fish Sandwich
Fillet-o-fish Sandwich

Fillet-o-fish sandwich

Fillet-o-fish sandwich
Fillet-o-fish sandwich

Calories, kcal: 320 Protein, g: 14.0 Fat, g: 13.0 Carbohydrates, g: 36.0

Fillet of well-done fish (cod family) served on a lush steamed bun with half a piece of Cheddar cheese, dressed with a special Tar-Tar sauce.

Calorie content of a Fillet-o-fish sandwich

The calorie content of the Filet-o-Fish sandwich is 320 kcal.

Composition and benefits of the filet-o-fish sandwich

The composition of the Fillet-o-fish sandwich: bun, fish cutlet, tartar sauce, half a slice of cheese, salt.

The Fillet-o-Fish sandwich contains a hamburger bun, which contains: flour, water, sugar, sunflower oil, salt, yeast, gluten, technological aids.

The cutlet contains: fillet of cod fish (pollock) (75%), wheat flour, water, starch, corn flour, salt, corn starch, yeast, thickener E466.

The sauce is prepared on the basis of vegetable oils and contains: water, dill-pickled cucumber seasoning, refined deodorized vegetable oil (sunflower), melange, chopped onion, thickener E1422, sugar, table salt, mustard powder, stabilizer E415, acidity regulator - acetic acid, preservative E202, natural flavoring "Seasoning with dill flavor", antioxidant E385.

The cheese in a bun contains HOCHLAND processed cheese, butter, whole and / or skim milk powder, milk protein, natural flavoring of Cheddar cheese, emulsifiers (E331, E339), dye: carotene, preservative: sorbic acid, food salt, drinking water.

The harm of the filet-o-fish sandwich

The calorie content of a Filet-o-Fish sandwich is 16% of the daily value of a person who does not monitor their weight and may well become one of the meals. Just do not overuse and eat sandwiches all the time, you can arrange a holiday for yourself and once a month pamper yourself a little. The Filet-o-Fish sandwich contains 13 grams of fat, one of saturated fat is only 3 grams.

Among the allergens, it is worth eliminating the presence of gluten, eggs, fish, milk and mustard in a Fillet-o-fish sandwich.


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