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Curd 8%
Curd 8%

Curd 8%

Curd 8%
Curd 8%

Calories, kcal: 138 Protein, g: 15.0 Fat, g: 8.0 Carbohydrates, g: 1.5

Cottage cheese 8% is one of the most useful fermented milk products, which has been obtained from sour milk (curdled milk) for a long time. The curdled milk previously curdled was separated from the whey, resulting in a dense curd mass (calorizer). In the same way, delicious cottage cheese can be prepared at home.

The classification of curd products depends on the percentage of fat content of this product. Cottage cheese, whose fat content is 8%, is considered bold.

Calorie content of cottage cheese 8%

Caloric content of 8% cottage cheese is 138 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of cottage cheese 8%

Curd 8% has many beneficial properties thanks to its chemicals and vitamins.

The main most valuable component that is part of 8% cottage cheese is casein (milk protein), which is an analogue of animal protein, and has a high nutritional value.

Chemical elements such as magnesium, calcium, as well as selenium, phosphorus and zinc, which are part of the curd composition (calorizator), have a beneficial effect on the stage of formation of the skeletal system. These substances are most important for a young growing body, for people of age, with fractures and hypertensive diseases.

Vitamins such as groups B, A, B6 and K support general condition, and lactic acid bacteria improve the working process of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cottage cheese is popular in the diet of athletes.

The use of cottage cheese 8% in cooking

Culinary specialists use cottage cheese 8%, as well as curd products in recipes for various dishes and desserts, and housewives gladly delight loved ones with homemade casseroles and cheesecakes.

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