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Curd 5%
Curd 5%

Curd 5%

Curd 5%
Curd 5%

Calories, kcal: 121 Protein, g: 17.2 Fat, g: 5.0 Carbohydrates, g: 1.8

Cottage cheese is a traditional fermented milk product made from cow's milk. Cottage cheese with a fat content of 5% is white, has a delicate and moist granular structure, a pleasant curd taste and aroma. Often on the shelves you can see 5% soft cottage cheese, such a product is made with the addition of cream to impart uniformity.

Calorie content of cottage cheese 5%

The calorie content of 5% cottage cheese is 121 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of cottage cheese 5%

The composition of real cottage cheese 5%, produced in accordance with GOST, should contain: milk, ferment of lactic acid cultures, rennet, calcium chloride. Curd 5% is a supplier of high quality protein, which is necessary for the construction of all cells in the human body The product contains calcium, selenium, phosphorus and is a natural remedy for the prevention of osteoporosis. Cottage cheese 5% is useful for children, adolescents during the period of active growth to strengthen bone tissue and elderly people.

Curd 5%
Curd 5%

Harm of cottage cheese 5%

Fresh cottage cheese can cause allergic reactions in those who have an individual intolerance to milk protein. Sour cottage cheese is a real threat to digestion, its use leads to severe poisoning.

Selection and storage of cottage cheese 5%

Almost all manufacturers offer cottage cheese of various fat content, so the choice of 5% cottage cheese is a matter of personal taste and preference (calorizator). When purchasing cottage cheese, you need to carefully study the production date and expiration date so as not to buy a stale product. You need to store cottage cheese exclusively in the refrigerator, after opening the package - no more than a day.

Cottage cheese 5% in cooking

Cottage cheese 5% is a versatile product that is equally good both as an independent dish and as an ingredient in salads, fillings for pies and pancakes, as a base for making cheesecakes, curd puddings and casseroles. Cottage cheese goes well with fresh berries, sour cream, jams, honey, cinnamon, or, for example, herbs and garlic.

For more information on cottage cheese, see the video clip “Real Food. Curd "of the TV show" It's great to live! ".

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