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Video: Сладкая творожная масса. Curd mass with raisins. 2023, February
Curd Mass With Raisins
Curd Mass With Raisins

Curd mass with raisins

Curd mass with raisins
Curd mass with raisins

Calories, kcal: 343 Proteins, g: 6.8 Fats, g: 21.6 Carbohydrates, g: 29.9

Curd mass with raisins is a kind of fermented milk delicacy made from curd.

To the taste, the curd mass resembles curd cheese, which at one time, back in the USSR, became an analogue of the curd Easter banned at that time (calorizer). Later, sugar, berries, sour cream, honey or raisins were added to the mass.

Calorie content of curd mass with raisins

The calorie content of curd mass with raisins is 343 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of curd mass with raisins

The main ingredient for preparing the mass is cottage cheese, which is rich in nature with numerous useful substances and vitamins.

The raisins added to the delicacy do not lag behind the main ingredient in terms of vitamins.

As an independent product, curd mass contains such chemicals as: phosphorus, calcium, copper and zinc. In addition, the protein that is contained in the curd mass is rather easily decomposed into amino acids, due to which it is absorbed without any particular difficulties.

It should be noted that the mass is enriched with all vitamins A, B2, B6 and B12 most necessary for the human body, it contains vitamin P and folic acid.

It is not for nothing that the curd mass is recommended for use in the diet for children of different ages and the elderly, because a significant calcium content has a good effect on the condition of bones (calorizator). And in general, the beneficial substances contained in the mass have a positive effect on the state of the body.

The use of curd mass with raisins in cooking

Curd mass with raisins can appear on the menu as an independent product. Many amateur cooks use it to prepare various desserts, casseroles or cake fillings.

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