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Irmensky Curd 0.5% With Vanilla
Irmensky Curd 0.5% With Vanilla

Irmensky curd 0.5% with vanilla

Irmensky curd 0.5% with vanilla
Irmensky curd 0.5% with vanilla

Calories, kcal: 108 Protein, g: 16.0 Fat, g: 0.5 Carbohydrates, g: 10.0

Curd with vanillin (CJSC Plemzavod Irmen, Verkh-Irmen village, Russia) with a fat mass fraction of 0.5% refers to defatted thermized (heat treated) products and is packed in a portioned plastic cup with a sealed foil membrane and a special tongue for opening the lid … Manufactured in accordance with TU.

Calorie content of Irmensky curd 0.5% with vanilla

The calorie content of Irmensky curd with vanilla 0.5% is 108 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition of Irmensky curd 0.5% with vanilla

The product contains: cottage cheese, sugar, Vanillin filler, Stabisol GXL9N food additive. The manufacturer indicated that the curd is usable within 30 days from the date of manufacture, the storage temperature is + 4 ± 2 ° C.

The benefits and harms of Irmensky curd with vanillin

No one doubts the health benefits of cottage cheese, but food additives are increasingly common in the modern food industry. Stabisol is a group of stabilizers - substances that give the product the desired texture and maintain it for a long period of time (calorizator). Thanks to this additive, the curd has a medium density consistency, reminiscent of thick sour cream.

Curd 0.5% with vanilla in cooking

The product is ready for use immediately after opening the package. Curd can be used as a snack during working hours or as an addition to breakfast, included in the diet and children's ration.

Cheese and curd

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