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Calories, kcal: 231 Proteins, g: 1.4 Fats, g: 0.3 Carbohydrates, g: 24.0

Tequila (Spanish Tequila) is a strong distilled alcoholic beverage (mezcal), produced mainly in the vicinity of Tequila, a city in the west of the Mexican state of Jalisco, 65 km north-west of Guadalajara. It is made from the core of blue agave, a traditional Mexican plant of the agave family by distillation.

Calorie tequila

The calorie content of tequila is 231 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of tequila

When consumed in moderation, tequila helps cleanse the blood and strengthen the immune system. Thanks to the tannins included in the drink, tequila stimulates the work of the stomach, liver and intestines, thanks to antiseptic substances, the development of putrefactive bacteria slows down (calorizer). The use of tequila strengthens the hair follicles, improves the structure and shine of the hair.

The harm of tequila

Excessive consumption of tequila can cause the development of cirrhosis. You should not use tequila for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children under 18 years old, as well as people prone to alcoholism.

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