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Silver Carp White Fresh
Silver Carp White Fresh

Silver carp white fresh

Silver carp white fresh
Silver carp white fresh

Calories, kcal: 86 Protein, g: 19.5 Fat, g: 0.9 Carbohydrates, g: 0.2

This is the name of two species of fish belonging to the carp family. With a length of about 1 m, the silver carp can gain weight up to 35 kg. Initially, on the territory of Russia, silver carp was distributed only in the basin of the Amur River, but later it was acclimatized in the basins of other rivers, located in the European part of Russia.

This fish leads a gregarious lifestyle. Moderately tall body with dark silver coloration on the back and lighter coloration on the belly and sides (calorizer). Developed, wide head, which is why the silver carp owes its name. The upper mouth, anal and pelvic fins have a yellowish coating, the scales are small. The silver carp lives mainly in places with a quiet current and in reservoirs. The reservoirs adhere to spills, connected to the river by lakes that are rich in aquatic vegetation. The diet consists of green plankton and green water mass.

Spawns in warm water (above 20 degrees). Silver carp is secretive and cautious. He spends winter in pits, being in deep sleep.

Calorie content of fresh white silver carp

The calorie content of fresh white silver carp is 86 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of fresh white silver carp

Fresh silver carp contains a fairly large amount of vitamins - A, group B, PP, E, as well as nutrients - calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, zinc, sulfur.

Considering all the useful composition of silver carp, it is safe to say that it is capable of exerting a tangible effect on the prevention of atherosclerosis, and normalizing the functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system.

The use of fresh white silver carp in cooking

There are many ways and recipes for making fresh white silver carp (calorizator). It can be fried, stewed, prepared aspic, fish soup and other dishes.

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