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Pickled Tomato
Pickled Tomato

Pickled tomato

Pickled tomato
Pickled tomato

Calories, kcal: 15 Proteins, g: 1.7 Fats, g: 0.2 Carbohydrates, g: 1.8

When buying tomatoes or plucking juicy fruits from a bush grown on a personal plot, few people are interested in what they have in their hands - a berry or a vegetable. Disputes between botanists, lawyers and chefs have led to mixed results. In America, by the decision of the Supreme Court since 1893, tomatoes have been called vegetables (with which the cooks completely agree). But the European Union legalized tomatoes as fruits (agreeing with the opinion of biologists that tomato is a multi-nested paracarp berry). The only thing that does not give rise to any controversy is the opinion that tomato is a delicious, very useful and versatile fruit used by people for nutrition and health maintenance.

Grown with caring hands, tomatoes delight with a variety of dishes prepared from them (calorizer). Unprocessed tomatoes are a traditional base for many salads and juices. Tomatoes acquire a completely divine taste after stewing, roasting or drying. Inventive chefs prepare exotic delicious jam.

A favorite winter snack for any company is tomatoes marinated with garlic, various herbs and aromatic spices.

Calorie content of pickled tomato

The calorie content of pickled tomato is 15 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition of pickled tomato

Unfortunately, after being cooked in vinegar, tomatoes lose their essential vitamins. But on the other hand, they retain vitamin PP, most of the minerals (potassium, phosphoric and sodium salts) and micro doses of iodine, fluorine, cobalt and manganese.

The benefits and harms of pickled tomato

Speaking about the benefits of pickled tomatoes, they mean that the beneficial properties of this product are much less than those of salted tomatoes and incomparably few if you mean fresh fruits. However, some beneficial substances are retained in this dish after using vinegar.

Compared to other pickled foods, lycopene remains intact in tomatoes, an anticancer substance that is essential for men's health.

However, despite some positive qualities, the abuse of pickled tomatoes is fraught with the formation of kidney stones, as well as problems with the stomach and other organs of the digestive tract (calorizator).

In addition, pickled tomatoes are low-calorie foods that are allowed to be consumed during the period of weight loss and to maintain ideal shape.

Pickled tomato in cooking

Pickled tomatoes are most often used as a standalone snack that goes well with meat dishes, side dishes and alcoholic beverages. In addition, pickled tomatoes can be added to various dishes, for example, soups, borscht, side dishes, stews, casseroles, pies, pizzas, sauces and others.

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